Works on Bursa City Hospital Road Accelerated

Works on Bursa City Hospital Road Accelerated
Works on Bursa City Hospital Road Accelerated

The excavation and filling works on the 6,5-kilometer road between the Izmir road and the hospital, which was designed by the Metropolitan Municipality to ensure trouble-free transportation to the Bursa City Hospital, gained speed.

Bursa City Hospital, which has a total bed capacity of 6 in 355 different hospitals, including general, obstetrics, pediatrics, cardiovascular, oncology, physical therapy and rehabilitation (FTR), and high security forensic psychiatry (YGAP), is more accessible with the investments of the Metropolitan Municipality. it becomes The 3-meter section, which is the first stage of the road projected between the İzmir road and the City Hospital, was completed before. While the expropriation works were completed in the 500-meter section between the second stage of the road, Ceviz Cadde and the hospital, infrastructure works on the road started last November. The works, which were interrupted from time to time due to snowfalls and rains, gained speed again despite the cold. Excavation and filling works have been completed in 3 meters of the road, which is 6 meters long. While 500 thousand tons of filling material has been used so far, BUSKİ's infrastructure works will be carried out on the route after the excavation and filling operations.

Transportation alternatives are increasing

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that they are trying to create new alternatives to the existing roads that have difficulty in handling the increasing traffic load. Stating that they produce alternatives for transportation by road, as well as the rail system, to regions with high mobility such as Bursa City Hospital and university, Mayor Aktaş said, “Our work continues uninterruptedly on this alternative road that will provide the connection to the City Hospital from the İzmir road. We had already completed the 3,5 kilometer part of this road. Infrastructure works that we started in the remaining 3 kilometers continue rapidly. Although snow and rain caused disruption in our calendar, the work has now come to an end. I wish that this road, which will be a significant burden of traffic in transportation to the City Hospital when completed, will be beneficial”.

Günceleme: 02/03/2022 16:42

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