WhatsApp's New Feature Will Create Controversy!

WhatsApp's new feature will create controversy, its new update with likes and dislikes.
WhatsApp's new feature will create controversy, its new update with likes and dislikes.

WhatsApp is a special correspondence application that always tries to present the technologically impossible. Its owner, Meta, is a private giant company that works with the motto of "Whatever the world's red line is in technology, we try to cross it." The improvements and updates on WhatsApp, which is used by billions of individuals, confirm this. Here we have examined the details of the new update coming to WhatsApp for you! WhatsApp's New Feature Will Create Controversy!

WhatsApp has always managed to keep itself on the top with its improvements and updates. Incorporating all the technologies we have seen in the last five years, WhatsApp requests whether it is stolen or not. Whatever it is, it tries to integrate all kinds of technology and ease of use into WhatsApp.

In particular, many features such as stories, deleting the message from everyone and reacting with the new emoji have already been stolen from Telegram. But this will not change the interest in WhatsApp, because we are no longer able to even communicate without WhatsApp. Here is the new feature of WhatsApp, the update of reacting to incoming messages with emoji.

The new feature of whatsapp will create controversy, the new update with likes and dislikes.

React with WhatsApp Emojis Update Details

You may not reply to the last message on WhatsApp. Nor is it a message that requires you to respond. In this case, what you need to do is to end the call by reacting with emoji. This feature is available in Telegram but not in WhatsApp. Now a thousand WhatsApp engineers have sat down and are copying the ability to react to messages with emoji in Telegram. Although this is copying, it will be on the agenda with WhatsApp. Because Snapchat was an app with stories feature and it wasn't that much of an agenda. Instagram stole became the agenda, then it came to Facebook and WhatsApp.

When Will WhatsApp React With Emojis Update Be Released?

It is almost unknown when the update to react with WhatsApp emojis will be released. Currently still in development and beta release. Human beings, who are a beta member of the Google Play Store, are using this update of WhatsApp today. But just for testing and reporting any bugs to WhatsApp if any. WhatsApp will be shared with the whole world when you complete the update and no problems are detected. This means almost 60 to 90 days for huge companies. In other words, according to us, it will come within three months at the earliest.

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