What Happened to the 32-Day Deposit Account Interest? Which Banks Have the Highest Interest Yields?

What awaits Our Money and Savings in 2022
What awaits Our Money and Savings in 2022

What happened to the 32-day deposit account interest? Banks with the highest interest income… Good news for those who want to invest with money. Good news for those who want to evaluate their savings. Banks announced interest rates for March! So, which banks have the highest interest yields? Interest rates have been published for those who want to evaluate their savings in the face of increasingly difficult living conditions. For those who want to increase their existing savings in a short time, bank interest rates for March have been announced. The banks with the highest interest yields were Alternatif Bank and Fibabanka.

Alternatif Bank and Fibabanka saw the peak in interest yields. Alternatif Bank and Fibabanka, serving as private banks, announced their 32-day deposit account interest yields. The interest rate that everyone has been eagerly waiting for has been announced. Alternatif Bank and Fibabanka have adjusted their March interest rates to 20,50. Considering this determined ratio, the earnings of those who deposited 50.000 TL in Alternatif Bank and Fibabanka were stated as 853,70 TL. Well, 'What happened to the interest rates of other banks in March?' You can find the answer to this question in the rest of our article.

Now let's look at how much the customers who have savings of 50.000 TL of the relevant banks earn.

  • Anadolu Bank: 780,82 TL
  • Odeo Bank: 760 TL
  • ON Account: 843,29 TL
  • ING Bank: 749,59 TL
  • Deposit: 603,84 TL

By logging into the official websites of the banks, you can get information about the campaign details and see how much money you will earn with your investment. In addition, the bank gives you immediate results in your high-limit deposit transactions. You can get special interest rates from bank branches.

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