What is Vocational Qualification Certificate, How to Get It? Occupations with Vocational Qualification Obligations

What is Vocational Qualification Certificate, How to Get it Occupations with Vocational Qualification Obligation
What is Vocational Qualification Certificate, How to Get it Occupations with Vocational Qualification Obligation

Professional Competence Certificate is important because it is an official document stating that the person who wants to practice a profession has sufficient knowledge, skills and competence. In particular, people who have not received the training of the relevant profession, go to the courses determined by the Vocational Qualifications Authority and gain competence. kazanhe's eating. What is a Professional Competence Certificate? What is the Vocational Qualification Certificate? How to Obtain a Professional Competence Certificate? Where can I get a Professional Competence Certificate? How Many Years Is The Vocational Qualification Certificate Valid? Professions with Vocational Qualification Obligations 2022

Thanks to the Vocational Qualification Certificate given by the Vocational Qualifications Authority (VQA), while the quality of the work has increased in many professions, significant progress has also been made in occupational safety. Professions that used to be learned through the master-apprentice relationship are now taught to candidates in a scientific and academic framework with the trainings of the Vocational Qualifications Authority.

What is a Professional Competence Certificate?

Individuals in any profession, if they meet the conditions specified in the national qualifications created by the Vocational Qualifications Authority (VQA) will have the 'Vocational Qualification Certificate'. It indicates that the person has the knowledge, skills and competence in question.

Medicine, dentistry, nursing, midwifery, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, architecture (occupations within the scope of automatic recognition in the European Union), engineering profession and professions that require at least undergraduate education and whose entry conditions are regulated by law are excluded from this scope; Professional qualification certificate is valid for all professions other than these.

What is the Vocational Qualification Certificate?

Thanks to the Vocational Qualification Certificate, individuals have the chance to certify that they have sufficient knowledge and skills in the relevant profession. In order to achieve this, certification bodies authorized by VQA are assigned.

Persons who want to obtain a Professional Competence Certificate in a profession apply to the certification body authorized in the relevant profession. If the authorized certification body finds the application of the person appropriate, it evaluates the person.

This assessment may include various types of exams. Candidates who are found successful as a result of the evaluation will have a professional qualification certificate.

How to Obtain a Professional Competence Certificate?

In order for individuals to obtain a Vocational Qualification Certificate from the Vocational Qualifications Authority, it is necessary to have a national qualification for the profession they want to obtain a certificate from and a certification body authorized by MYK to conduct examination and certification in this national qualification.

Candidates can submit the authorized certification bodies they want to obtain certificates from, on the VQA website.authorized certification bodies search pageYou can learn by questioning.

The entire examination and certification process is carried out by authorized certification bodies, individuals make their exam applications to certification bodies authorized in the national qualifications for which they want to obtain certification.

VQA Vocational Qualification Certificate and a portable wallet type VQA Vocational Qualification Identity Card are issued to the candidates who are successful in the theoretical and performance-based exams conducted according to national qualifications.

Where can I get a Professional Competence Certificate?

Vocational Qualification Certificate can only be issued by certification bodies authorized by the Vocational Qualifications Authority. At the same time, it must comply with the national vocational qualification system.

Once the appropriate organization has been found, the worker must apply to this organization to obtain a certificate of competence. After the application is approved, the candidate goes through a certain training, takes the exams and finally gets an evaluation. Afterwards, the candidate who completes his/her education appropriately and successfully is given a Vocational Qualification Certificate.

How Many Years Is The Vocational Qualification Certificate Valid?

The validity period of the Vocational Competence Certificate held by the candidates varies according to the profession, but it can be used for 5 years in general.

E.g; The validity period of the Vocational Qualification Certificate has been determined as 4 years for professions in the informatics sector and 2, 3 or 6 years for professions in the welding sector.

Certificate holders can apply for renewal within the certificate renewal application period.

Issues such as the validity period of vocational qualification certificates, the procedures to extend the validity of the certificate or obtain a new certificate at the end of the period are explained in detail in the relevant national qualifications.

On the other hand, e-Government Vocational Qualification Certificate inquiry It is possible to find out the validity period of the document by doing this.

Professions with Vocational Qualification Obligations 2022

  • Heavy Vehicle Experience Driver
  • Wood Molder
  • Wooden Furniture Manufacturer
  • Plasterboard Applicator
  • Gypsum Plaster Applicator
  • Aluminum Welder
  • Dobby Woven Fabric Pattern Preparation Element
  • Dobby Woven Fabric Designer
  • Elevator Maintenance and Repairer
  • Elevator Installer
  • Elevator Installer
  • Footman (Leather/Fur Ready-to-Wear)
  • Shoe Manufacturer
  • Chimney Control Personnel (Chimney)
  • Chimney Installation Personnel (Chimney)
  • Chimney Oil Duct Cleaning Personnel
  • Reinforced Concrete Blacksmith
  • Concrete shop
  • Finishing Operations Operator
  • Vegetable Oil Production Operator
  • Painting Operator
  • Glass Cutting Element
  • Steel Welder
  • Cement Production Person
  • CNC Programmer
  • CNC Machine Tools Application and Service Officer
  • Leather Processing Operator
  • Resistance Weld Adjuster
  • Natural Gas Infrastructure Construction Control Personnel
  • Natural Gas Steel Pipe Welder
  • Natural Gas Heating and Gas Burner Service Personnel
  • Natural Gas Operation Maintenance Operator
  • Natural Gas Polyethylene Pipe Welder
  • Natural Gas Meter Removal Attachment
  • Mason
  • Electricity Distribution Network Line Maintenance Officer
  • Electricity Distribution Network Operation Maintenance Officer
  • Electricity Distribution Network Loss-Leakage and Measurement Control Officer
  • Electricity Distribution Network Tester
  • Electricity Distribution Scada Operator
  • Electrical Panel Installer
  • Electric Meter Remover/Assembly
  • Electrical Installer
  • Electronic and Electrical Products Servicer
  • Industrial Pipe Fitter
  • Industrial Glass Heat Treatment Element
  • Industrial Glass Processing Element
  • Industrial Glass Cutting Element
  • Industrial Transporter
  • Industrial Insulating Glass Manufacturing Person
  • Shaper
  • Visual and Sound Systems Element
  • Beauty expert
  • the re-rollers
  • Hydraulic-Pneumatician
  • Construction Painter
  • Construction worker
  • Spinning Operator
  • Spinning Operator
  • Thread Operator
  • Pointer
  • Heat Insulator
  • Heating and Natural Gas Interior Installation Staff
  • Scaffolding Installer
  • Business Electrical Maintenance
  • smelter
  • Jacquard Woven Fabric Pattern Preparation Element
  • Jacquard Woven Fabric Designer
  • Papier-mâché Applicator
  • Resource Operator
  • Urban Rail Systems Catenary Maintenance Staff
  • Cutter (Shoes)
  • Cutter (Leather/Fur Ready-to-Wear)
  • Slicer (Sacrifice)
  • Crushing and Screening Plant Operator
  • Gantry Crane Operator
  • Hairdresser
  • Port Forklift Operator
  • Port Dry Cargo Operation Staff (Pantor)
  • Port Operations Planner
  • Port Pump and Tank Field Operator
  • Port RTG Operator
  • Port Field Truck Operator (CRS and ECS)
  • Port SSG Operator
  • Machine Maintenance
  • Machine Installer
  • Mechanization Worker (Mine)
  • Mechanized Excavation Operator
  • Marble Natural Stone Quarry
  • Marble-Natural Stone Special Manufacturing Staff
  • Metal Cutting Operator
  • Metal Cutting
  • Metal Plate Machining Worker
  • Metal Sheet Processor
  • Mobile Crane Operator (MHC, Shore and Ship Crane)
  • Furniture Upholsterer
  • Model Maker (Leather/Fur Ready-to-Wear)
  • Engine Tester
  • Motorcycle Maintenance Repairer
  • NC/CNC Machine Tools Mechanical Service Attendant
  • NC/CNC Machine Tools Electrical/Electronics Service Attendant
  • NC/CNC Machine Worker
  • Front Spinning Operator
  • Forest Production Worker
  • Forestry and Maintenance Worker
  • Automation Systems Installer
  • Automation Systems Programmer
  • Automotive Paint Repairer
  • Automotive Painters
  • Automotive Electrician
  • Automotive Electromechanic
  • Automotive Body Repairman
  • Automotive Body Shop
  • Automotive Control, Test and Adjustment Worker
  • Automotive Mechanic
  • Automotive Installer
  • Automotive Front Organizer
  • Automotive Prototypist
  • Automotive Sheet Metal Forming Machine
  • Automotive Sheet and Body Welder
  • Panel Molder
  • Plastic Injection Production Person
  • Plastic Welder
  • Plastic Profile Production Operator (Extrusion)
  • Plastic Blowing Film Production Operator (Extrusion)
  • Press Worker (Mine)
  • Presser
  • PVC Joinery Installer
  • Rail System Vehicles Electrical Maintenance and Repairer
  • Rail System Vehicles Electronic Maintenance and Repairer
  • the Refrakterc
  • Relay Attendant
  • Hazardous Waste Collector from Health Institutions
  • Medical Waste Collector From Healthcare Institutions
  • Saddlery Manufacturer
  • counter
  • Vegetable and Fruit Canned Production Operator
  • Ceramic Tile Coater
  • Sound Isolator
  • Plasterer
  • Sauce Production Operator
  • Waterproofing
  • Historical Artifact Protection and Restoration Staff
  • Grinding Bench Worker
  • Wire Machines Operator
  • Terminal Tow Operator
  • Turner
  • Train Engineer
  • Tunnel Molder
  • Fire Insulator
  • Underground Preparation Worker
  • High Voltage Wiring Accessories Installer
  • High Voltage Equipment Tester
  • Olive Oil Production Operator

Current List of Professions Requiring a Certificate of Proficiency


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