What are the steps to be followed to establish a limited company?

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start an anonymous company

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Capital companies, which are divided into two as capital companies and private companies according to the laws of our country, can be classified as limited liability companies and joint stock companies in terms of their types. Individually established companies are sole proprietorships. Limited companies are one of the most preferred company types in our country. The reason for this is that establishing a limited company benefits entrepreneurs in many ways. The establishment phase of a limited company is easy, the amount of capital is relatively low and it can be established as a single partner if desired. Accordingly, the number of entrepreneurs who want to establish a limited company is increasing. Setting up a limited company Other advantages of limited liability companies to entrepreneurs are that the costs required for the company are relatively low, that the establishment costs can be shared if the multiple partnership structure is preferred, and that the company can be enlarged by increasing the number of partnerships over time.

Although a limited liability company can be established for any field of activity that is not economically prohibited, banking and insurance are excluded from this scope. Limited companies are considered to be more prestigious and more suitable for the corporate structure when compared to sole proprietorships. Limited companies generally have a more reliable image in the eyes of banks, public institutions and organizations. In limited companies, taxation is applied at a flat rate. The cost of establishing a limited company; The number of partners of the limited company, the number of directors, the amount of rent, the city in which it is located and the sector in which it operates may vary depending on factors.

Setting up a limited company and establish a joint stock company There are some differences in the processing steps that must be performed for To establish a limited company, a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 50 partners is required. A limited company can be established with a minimum of 10.000 TL. In limited companies, there is a requirement that the shareholders put their capital in the form of 25 TL and its multiples. Other points to consider are; The fact that the title of limited company is in Turkish, the title includes the subject of activity and the phrase limited company.

What is Required to Establish a Limited Company?

  • Two residence certificates for each of the limited company partners,
  • A copy of the identity card of each of the limited company partners,
  • Three passport size photographs of each of the limited company partners,
  • The address where the company headquarters will be located,
  • The title deed agreement or lease agreement of the workplace,
  • The title of the company to be established,
  • The capital ratios of each of the limited company partners and the capital amount of the limited company,
  • Who will be the limited company representative.

After these information and documents are completed, the limited company articles of association are prepared. The MERSIS system of the Ministry of Commerce is entered and the limited company main contract is created. The most important point at this stage is to check whether there is another company operating under the same title. If there is another company operating under the same or similar title, the request for establishment of a limited company will be rejected by the Chamber of Commerce.

Upon completion of the necessary transactions through the MERSIS transaction, the company's potential tax identification number and tax office information are obtained. With the formal completion of the limited company formation, the potential tax number becomes the official tax number of the company. After the limited company main contract is created and the potential tax number is obtained, the company's Trade Registry Record is created.

What Documents Are Required for Trade Registry Registration?

  • Petition,
  • Document showing MERSIS registration and request number,
  • Chamber Registration Statement containing the photographs of each of the limited company partners,
  • In case there is a foreign partner among the limited company partners, the limited company establishment notification.

While a limited company Trade Registry is registered at the Chamber of Commerce, in addition to the Competition Authority's Share, book approval, establishment registration and announcement fees are also paid. After the limited company registration process is completed, the company establishment is officially completed. At this stage, the Registry Certificate and the legal accounting books are received.

With the completion of the necessary steps to establish a limited liability company, the Tax Office proceeds.

These transactions are delegated accountant is carried out by. The documents required for Tax Office transactions are as follows:

  • job start notification,
  • Photocopy of the title deed or rental contract of the workplace,
  • e-Notification form,
  • Residence certificate of each of the limited company partners,
  • Password Request Form required for Internet Tax Office transactions,
  • Limited company registration letter or registration certificate,
  • Signature circular of the limited company director,
  • Power of attorney given to the accountant who will carry out the transactions,
  • Accounting service contract.

If the established limited company is an industrial establishment, an application should be made to the Chamber of Industry after the Tax Office procedures are completed. The documents to be submitted during this application are as follows:

  • Chamber of Industry Application Form,
  • Trade Registry Gazette,
  • Signature circular of the limited company director,
  • Notarized limited company articles of association,
  • Copy of identity card of each of the limited company partners
  • Residence certificate of each of the limited company partners

After the completion of these procedures, the municipal procedures are started and the Business Permit and License is issued. Environmental Cleaning Tax is paid. With the completion of the procedures in the municipality, the limited company can start its activities.

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