Zonguldak Kilim Road Is Strategically Important, Shortening Travel Time

Zonguldak Kilim Road Is Strategically Important, Shortening Travel Time
Zonguldak Kilim Road Is Strategically Important, Shortening Travel Time

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure made a written statement about the "Zonguldak-Kilimli Road Project". In the statement, "Zonguldak, where Turkey's important industrial facilities are located, is the export gate of the Western Black Sea Region with its location combining land, sea and railway transportation modes. In addition, the city has strategic importance in terms of connecting the region to Central Anatolia and Marmara. The Zonguldak-Amasra-Kurucaşile-Cide road, which provides transportation in the region in the east-west direction, also forms a part of the Black Sea Coastal Road on the international transportation axes. While there are densely populated settlements, industrial facilities and Filyos Free Zone on the coastline of the road, where Zonguldak and Kilimli, Hisarönü, Saltukova districts and towns are connected, it is important to regulate the traffic on the route.


The statement continued as follows;

“In the opening section, the 1546-meter Prof. Dr. Şaban Teoman Duralı-1 Tunnel, 337 meters Prof. Dr. There are Karaelmas-2 and Uzunkum Bridge Interchanges with a total length of 237 meters, with a total of 382 meters of tunnel construction, including Şaban Teoman Duralı-2502 Tunnel, 457 meters of Uzunkum Tunnel and 1 meters of Aslankayası Tunnel. With the project, it was aimed to regulate the transportation in the region by taking the transit traffic passing through the residential areas out of the city. While the physical and geometric standards of the road connecting Zonguldak, which is a heavy industry, and Kilimli, were raised, the traffic volume was relieved, and fast, comfortable and safe transportation was established with the tunnels and connection roads built on the road.


Emphasizing that with the completion of the project, the route connecting Zonguldak and Kilimli districts with the divided road standard has been shortened by 4,5 kilometers, the statement said, “The route passed in 40 minutes was shortened by 35 minutes and the travel time was reduced to 5 minutes. With the Zonguldak-Kilimli section, an annual savings of 135 million liras, 20,2 million liras from time and 155,2 million liras from fuel oil, will be achieved, and carbon emissions will be reduced by 4225 tons. In addition, with the completion of the entire project, a high standard of access to Filyos Port will be established. The route, which constitutes an important part of the Western Black Sea Coastal Road project, will facilitate transportation to the provinces of Sinop, Bartın and Zonguldak, to Düzce, Sakarya, Kocaeli and Istanbul.

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