The Third Open Door: Meeting with the Business World Event of Technopark Istanbul was Held

The Third Open Door Meeting with the Business World of Technopark Istanbul was Held
The Third Open Door Meeting with the Business World of Technopark Istanbul was Held

Entrepreneurs and Investors Came Together at the “Open Door: Meeting with the Business World” event at the Cube Incubation, the Incubation Center of Technopark Istanbul

The third of the “Open Door: Meeting with the Business World” events, which brought together deep technology entrepreneurs and important company representatives from the business world, at the Cube Incubation, Technopark Istanbul's Incubation Center, took place.

Hosting deep technology entrepreneurs, R&D engineers, corporate companies and universities, Teknopark Istanbul not only supports entrepreneurs in realizing their projects, but also acts as a bridge for investors to find capital support through the Incubation Centre: Cube Incubation. Approximately 30 deep technology startups made presentations at previous events attended by more than 27 public and private companies such as THY, TUSAŞ, TCDD, SSTEK, Elimsan, TURAYSAŞ, Kiğılı and Altsom.

In the third Open Door: Meeting with the Business World event, in which more than 20 public and private companies such as PTT, TUSAŞ, TCDD, Güleryüz Otomotiv, Fakir and universities participated, 10 deep technology initiatives made presentations on their projects and products. After the event, officials and entrepreneurs had the opportunity to meet one-on-one in B2B areas.

'Open door: Here are the start-ups that explained their ventures to investors at the 'Meeting with the Business World' event:

Gene-Ist: They are developing 'Pharmacogenetic Test Kits' that enable the applicability of personalized rational drug treatments by identifying genetic factors that change drug response in cancerous tissues and affect survival.

B2Metric: It offers specialized platforms on artificial intelligence-based active learning adaptive big data analytics systems in structured and unstructured distributed big data environments.

Co-Print: They are working on the creation of multi-colored-material 3D prints on your 3D printer with a single print tip with a multi-filament 3D printing module.

Binamod: They develop software and construction technologies that calculate earthquake hazard, determine the earthquake performance of buildings, and present projects to strengthen buildings. It offers different sectors the opportunity to make indoor tours in virtual reality from the internet.

Truekey: They are developing an automation that saves the Cost and Invoice processes from documents and manages them in a completely digital environment.

Ice Project: It produces technological and domestic solutions in the field of renewable energy and environment. They offer solutions for Thermal Hydrolysis, Biological drying, incineration and gasification.

Heevi: They develop mobile applications for those who are looking for any kind of operator or commercial vehicle with driver needed in the construction industry.

Blitz System: They produce imaging system solutions suitable for use in manned and unmanned aerial, land and sea vehicles, as well as region and border surveillance.

Productionpark: It provides import substitution for many products in the category of machines that can lift and carry high tonnage loads and hydraulic mobile cranes.

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