The First Cruise Expedition to Izmir in Years to Be Held on 14 April

The First Cruise Expedition to Izmir in Years to Be Held on 14 April
The First Cruise Expedition to Izmir in Years to Be Held on 14 April

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerThe steps taken in line with the goal of developing the tourism potential of the city bore fruit. After years, the first cruise to Izmir will be made on April 14. The preparations carried out by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality at the Alsancak Port, which is preparing for cruise tourism again, continue at full speed. Mayor Soyer, who examined the works in the port before the voyages, which are aimed to make a serious contribution to the city's economy, announced that the Tourism Police Department was established within the municipality.

Izmir is getting ready for cruise voyages that will start again after years. The first tourist group will arrive at Alsancak Port on 14 April. By the end of the year, thousands of tourists will visit İzmir with 34 cruise voyages. Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer, visited the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) İzmir Port Management Directorate to examine the preparations before the cruise voyages, which are expected to give a breath of fresh air to the city's economy.

Soyer, who received information about the works under the coordination of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Izmir Governor's Office and Izmir Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism, said that all deficiencies will be completed until April 14, and Izmir's port and its surroundings will be ready to host tourist groups.

New police department established

Stating that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality took important technical and administrative steps before the new season, Soyer announced that the Tourism Police Department was established within the scope of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Police Department. The new head office will operate under the Department of Environment and Zoning Police. The police personnel on duty will ensure the traffic order around the port. In addition, the teams that will take an active role in the tourism organizations to be held by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will each consist of 6 people. The teams, which will also take place in the tourism offices, will also work to ensure that the visitors coming to İzmir can travel comfortably in the touristic areas. The police personnel, who will continue the inspection and control works together with the civilian teams, will also provide the information flow to the relevant departments. Support services, consultancy and guidance services will also be provided in cultural events and programs in ruins in the city. The teams will also have a tablet with the Visit İzmir application. The police teams, which will carry out an environmentally friendly service with electric vehicles, will act as a bridge in conveying the complaints and applications of domestic and foreign tourists to the relevant units and provide the necessary coordination.

What was done within the scope of technical studies?

Preferential borders on the sea side were renewed by the teams of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs. Asphalt laying and patching works in the area started on 25 March 2022. After the paving works are completed, road marking works will begin. Side border works will be carried out on the green areas in the port. Plastering and painting works continue on the walls of the building by the sea. For the walking route of the tourists in the port, a line with a preferred border was created on the roadsides, and asphalt paving works are carried out on an area of ​​​​approximately 7 thousand square meters. The exterior plasters of the 2 hangars in the port are renewed and painted. Landscaping work has also reached the final stage.

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