After Ankara Metropolitan's Diesel Support, Warehouses Are Filled

After Ankara Metropolitan's Diesel Support, Warehouses Are Filled

After Ankara Metropolitan's Diesel Support, Warehouses Are Filled

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is implementing projects that will contribute to the economy of tradesmen as well as domestic producers in all 25 districts. The Metropolitan Municipality has now launched a new rural development move in the Başkent with the most comprehensive diesel support of Turkey on a local basis. After the support invested in Başkent Karts, the farmers caused congestion at the fuel stations to fill their vehicles with diesel, and the city's economy revived.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to make farmers smile with its rural development projects.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which has been diversifying its rural development support day by day in order to revive the city's economy and encourage local producers in the Capital, has now started to provide diesel support to the farmers in the Capital.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş said, “We started Turkey's most comprehensive diesel support locally so that the local producers from Ankara can continue to produce. We have deposited 17 million 702 thousand 34 TL of diesel support to the Başkent Card of our 746 thousand 700 farmers. After giving the good news with the words "We are a big family that has no losers here," the farmers in the capital caused a density at gas stations to buy diesel.


The diesel support invested in Başkent Karts increased the mobility at the fuel stations from the first day, and also revived the city's economy.

Many fuel stations supported both the Başkent Card application and the farmers by organizing discount campaigns on diesel fuel. Gas station operators, as well as farmers from Ayaşlı, Haymanalı and Gölbaşı, who go to contracted gas stations, expressed their satisfaction with this support with the following words:

Mehmet Emin Ülkü (Fuel Station Operator): “We are pleased with the service provided by the Metropolitan Municipality. It started in our first gas station in Ayaş district. Farmers who come with Başkent Cards benefit from diesel support.”

Yunus Yaman (Farmer): “I have been a farmer for 40 years. We thank the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Mansur Yavaş, for his contribution to the farmers. This support has very important economic benefits. We have also benefited from support such as seeds and tomato seedlings before and we are very pleased.”

Zekai Övek (Farmer): “I have been farming in Ayaş Sinanlı Village for 50 years. We have never benefited from such support before. I would like to thank the Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Mansur Yavaş. Our people are very happy with this situation.”

Sold Tough (Farmer): “I am very happy with this support. There has been no such support so far. We hope there will be more to come.”

Mehmet Türk (Sinanlı Hocasinan District Headman- Farmer): “Very good support. Our President Mansur has provided support to farmers in every way, such as diesel support, chickpea support, grass support, and our farmers are very pleased with this. They have a very important contribution to the budget economically.”

Fikret Akbaş (Farmer): “I am very pleased with the diesel support initiated by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality for farmers. If there was no diesel support, I would have collected money from right and left with interest and bought diesel.

Oktay Uzuner (Fuel Station Operator): “The diesel support given to the farmers has made a positive contribution to the work of us, the station operators, and revitalized our economy. I would like to thank our President Mansur Yavaş.''

Mehmet Muhlis Horozlu (Farmer): "If there was no diesel support, I would have taken loans from private banks and bought diesel."

Mustafa Koca (Farmer): “We have come to a point where we cannot get diesel for our tractors. Thanks to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, we will now be able to buy diesel.”

Bayram Erdogan (Farmer): “Until now, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has not provided such services to farmers. If there was no diesel support, we would either sell our animals or we would not plant the field.''

Beytullah Yalçın (Farmer): ''I am very satisfied with the services of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality for farmers.''

Erkan Uzuner (Farmer): "I would like to thank Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who has supported us in every way since the first day he took office."

Aziz Yiğiter (Farmer): “I received seed support from Ankara Metropolitan Municipality before and now I have benefited from diesel support. I have never encountered such a service before.”

Erdi Uzuner (Fuel Station Operator): “After the increase in fuel prices, our business has decreased a lot. After the diesel support of our President Mansur, our business started to reopen and we started to earn money.''

Çelebi Göçer (Farmer): “The diesel support that started in these days when we are experiencing financial difficulties has been a lifeline for us. I would like to thank our President Mansur Yavaş for the support he has given us.''

Yusuf Simsek (Farmer): “I am 70 years old and I have never encountered such a service until today. I have received aid for seeds, barley and wheat for 2 years. If there was no diesel support, my tractor would have been turned off.''

Muhammet Göçer (Fuel Station Operator): “With the start of diesel support, our business also increased, and they contributed positively to our economy. We also applied a 4 percent discount to our farmers who buy diesel.”

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