Soyer: 'Continue to Invest Despite the Economic Crisis'

Soyer 'Continue to Invest Despite the Economic Crisis'
Soyer 'Continue to Invest Despite the Economic Crisis'

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerIn the meeting where he met with the heads and managers of the CHP İzmir Provincial Organization, he explained the projects and works carried out by the municipality. Stating that they continued their investments despite the deep economic crisis in Turkey making the conditions difficult, Soyer said, “We will continue to do whatever we can.”

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyermet with the Republican People's Party (CHP) İzmir Provincial Organization. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mustafa Özuslu, CHP İzmir Provincial President Deniz Yücel, CHP İzmir provincial administrators, district heads, Metropolitan Municipality' bureaucrats attended. Before the presentations, Mayor Soyer met with CHP provincial administrators at breakfast in İzmir Marina, and met with CHP district presidents at lunch.

“We gave hope to Turkey”

In the presentation meeting, a wide range of information was given on urban transformation, infrastructure, superstructure and science works, social services and İZSU studies. Minister Tunç Soyer“This meeting has two purposes. The first is to say thank you. At the groundbreaking ceremony of the Buca Metro, all of İzmir gave very good messages to all of Turkey. We did this all together. We all swelled up. We were all honored. More importantly, we gave hope to Turkey. In the epidemic and crisis environment, İzmir shed a bright light. This was done with your efforts. Glad we work together. Good thing we're collaborating. Indeed, there is no other example of this in Turkey. Secondly, we entered the election atmosphere. Our organizations must know very well the work we do so that they can explain it.”

“It will be a work that will shed light on İzmir's 100 years”

Reminding the steps taken after the earthquake on October 30, 2020, Mayor Soyer said, “After the earthquake, we issued an earthquake report card for 33 thousand 100 units of buildings with the protocol signed with the Chamber of Civil Engineers. Core samples were taken from each building one by one and their durability was investigated. For the first time in Turkey, a municipality signed a joint protocol with 10 universities. We are doing a microscaling project. We are taking the underground photo of Izmir. We determine how distant each of the faults is and how alive it is. We are doing what the state should do in the whole country, in Izmir. This work, which will last for two years, will shed light on İzmir's 100 years. We brought the study on the K boundary to the whole of Izmir, and this is the first in Turkey. We have given the citizens the opportunity to build a new one while preserving the existing building right.”

“We act with a public understanding”

Mayor Soyer reminded that urban transformation works are carried out with the principles of on-site transformation, one hundred percent consensus, and the guarantor of the municipality, and mentioned that the projects gained momentum with the participation of İZBETON, a company of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, in the tenders. Soyer said: “Izmir is carrying out a study on urban transformation that has no precedent in Turkey. It does not leave the citizen at the mercy of the contractor. In between, we use the municipality as a catalyst. The work, which we call on-site transformation, allows individual citizens to transfer their titles. We act with a publicist understanding to defend their rights. On the other hand, the contractors did not enter the tenders. We also activated İZBETON. The formula we came up with has provided incredible rejuvenation.”

“You can tell them anywhere with your chest.”

Emphasizing that just as cooperatives are supported in agriculture, cooperatives are also used in urban transformation, Mayor Soyer said, “This is a first as well. A social democratic and publicist example. You can tell them anywhere with your chest tight. In the next three months, 2 thousand 500 more houses will be tendered. Despite the economic crisis, we are progressing at an extraordinary speed.” President Soyer emphasized that the deep economic crisis in Turkey made conditions difficult and said, “Our job is really not easy at all. Despite this, we, as Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, ensure that our investments continue. We will continue to do what we can," he said.

“We have cured”

Emphasizing that they are carrying out the most comprehensive youth work in Turkey, President Soyer also referred to their social service work and said, “We have been a cure for the citizens' problems. We've done groundbreaking work. You should see the Bizİzmir Solidarity Points and the neighborhoods where we create urgent solutions with the Emergency Solution Teams.”

“It will save the future of Izmir”

Touching on the İZSU studies, Soyer said, “Since 2019, we have built over 120 kilometers of rainwater waste water separation channels. We're doing another 200 kilometers now. These are in the city and in the metropolis. We want to clean up the Gulf, prevent flooding, and lighten the burden of our major treatments at two points. This is a work that will save the future of Izmir," he said.

“Solidarity will continue to get stronger”

CHP İzmir Provincial Chairman Deniz Yücel said, “Laying the foundation of Buca Metro is an important achievement of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in such an economic environment. That's why I appreciate it so much. As provincial and district organizations, we gave the necessary support when the ant got dark. When our provincial and district organizations worked shoulder to shoulder, we saw together what good results they gave. I believe that this solidarity will continue to get stronger," he said.

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