Ministry of Justice to Recruit 6.459 Contracted Personnel in the Titles of Clerk, Bailiff and Other Titles

Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Justice

Contracted Clerk, Bailiff, Protection and Security Officer, Technician, Sign Language Interpreter, Driver, Cook and Servant Personnel Employment Exam Announcement

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To serve in the Judicial and Administrative Judiciary;

Appendix-1/A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H with the "Principles on Employment of Contracted Personnel" in the annex of the Council of Ministers Decision dated 6.6.1978 and numbered 7/15754, whose place, number, title and quality are specified in the lists. Within the scope of Article 657/B of the Civil Servants Law No. 4, according to the results of the practical and/or oral exams to be held by the justice commissions, 3.618 contracted minutes clerks (Annex 1/A), 830 contracted bailiffs (Annex-1/B), 984 contracted protection and security officers (Annex-1/C), 33 contracted technicians (ANNEX-1/D), 12 contracted sign language translators (ANNEX-1/E), 83 contracted drivers (ANNEX-1/F), 29 contracted cooks (ANNEX-1) /G) and 870 contracted servants (ANNEX-1/H), a total of 6.459 personnel will be recruited.

Candidates' education status information and Public Personnel Selection Exam (KPSS) score information will be obtained via web services. Candidates who do not have graduation information on e-Government must update their graduation information, which is not on e-Government, from the educational institution they graduated from, so that they do not experience any grievances during the application. Applications of candidates who apply with a different score type other than the KPSS score type specified in the announcement will not be evaluated. Responsibility in this matter belongs to the candidate himself.

The applied exam and/or oral exam to be held by the justice commissions are included in the 2020 Public Personnel Selection Exam (KPSS-2020) for undergraduate graduates, KPSSP3, 2020 Public Personnel Selection Exam (KPSS-2020) for associate degree graduates, KPSSP93 in 2020 Public Personnel Selection Exam for secondary education graduates. Those who score 2020 or higher in the KPSSP94 score type in the Personnel Selection Exam (KPSS-70) will be able to apply. Those who will be employed for the first time in the contracted positions specified in the Annex-1/A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H lists must meet the following conditions written in the 5th and 6th articles of the Ministry of Justice Officer Exam, Appointment and Transfer Regulation.

General Terms and Conditions

a) Being a Turkish citizen,

b) To meet the age requirements in Article 17 of the Law No. 2022 on March 657, 40, the last day of application for the exam to be held for those who will be appointed for the first time,

c) As of the first day of January of the year in which the central examination (KPSS-2020 for undergraduate, associate degree and secondary education graduates) is held;
- Being under the age of 35 for the titles of court clerk, bailiff, technician, sign language translator, driver, cook and servant,
- Not to have completed the age of 30 for the title of protection and security officer, (Those born on January 1, 1990 and later will be able to apply for the exam.)

ç) Not to be involved in military service or not to be of military age, if he has reached the age of military service, to have performed active military service or to be postponed or transferred to the reserve class,

d) Not to be convicted of the crimes listed in paragraph 657/48-A/1 of the Law No. 5,

e) Without prejudice to the provisions of Article 657 of the Law No. 53, not to have a mental illness that may prevent him from performing his duty continuously,

f) Not to be deprived of public rights,

g) To be positive as a result of archive research.

Application Method and Date

Applications will be made via e-Government, and the candidates will make their applications between March 1, 2022 and March 17, 2022, by logging in via ​​website, and using the "Ministry of Justice Job Application" screen until 23:59:59. Applications submitted in person or by post will not be accepted.

Candidates will be able to apply to a justice commission for only one of the contracted positions whose place, number, title and quality are specified in ANNEX-1/A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H lists. If it is determined that the candidate has applied to more than one justice commission or more than one title, none of his applications will be accepted. kazanEven if they are employed, they will not be employed.

right to be employed kazanThe candidates will be able to be employed in one of the central or annexed courthouses affiliated to the justice commissions to which they apply.

Candidates will complete the application process by uploading the documents, certificates and forms required for the title they have applied for and specified in the article "IV) Documents to be Uploaded to the System at the Time of Application" to the system completely and one by one. Candidates are responsible for any loss of rights that may arise due to incorrect or incomplete uploading of documents.

ANNEX-2 Security Investigation Form must be filled in on the computer in accordance with the issues specified in the "WARNING" section, printout by attaching a photograph, and then scanned and uploaded to the system by signing the relevant section. (Apart from the Annex-2 Security Investigation Form, no other form will be used.)

After the application process is completed, the candidates are required to check whether their application has been completed on the "My Applications" screen. Any application that does not see the phrase "Application Completed" on the "My Applications" screen will not be evaluated.

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