Minister Varank in Osmaniye: We Attacked in Iron and Steel

Minister Varank We Attacked in Iron and Steel in Osmaniye
Minister Varank We Attacked in Iron and Steel in Osmaniye

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank stated that the iron and steel industry has made a great leap forward in the last three years and said, “As a country, we have started to get a serious share from the world iron and steel market as well as meeting our own needs. There is a steel capacity of over 40 million tons in Turkey, this is a serious number.” said.

Minister Varank came to Osmaniye Organized Industrial Zone in Toprakkale district and met with industrialists as part of his programs in Osmaniye. After the consultation meeting, which was closed to the press, Minister Varank made investigations at the Tosyalı Toyo Steel Factory.

Commenting on the members of the press about the iron and steel industry after the review, Varank said, “The iron and steel industry has made a big move in the last three years. In addition to meeting our own needs as a country, we have started to take a serious share from the world iron and steel market. There is a steel capacity of over 40 million tons in Turkey, which is a serious figure. In addition to our companies that make production from ore here, we have companies that produce high-quality steel from very qualified sheets, galvanized sheets to painted sheets. Here we see a partnership between one of Turkey's valuable companies and the Japanese. Tosyalı Holding, together with its Japanese partners, produces the qualified sheet metal that Turkey needs in Turkey.” he said.

Minister Varank said that at the moment, the iron and steel industry has increased its capacity after the global developments in the world and continues to make new investments. Noting that Tosyalı Holding made a very serious investment in the Iskenderun district of Hatay, Varank continued as follows:

“It will bring 4 million tons of additional capacity to Turkey. Different companies in different parts of Turkey are also going to increase their capacity. Especially the developments in the world conjuncture show that there will be a serious iron and steel deficit. China was a big player, but it no longer sells goods to the world in the iron and steel industry. With the Russia-Ukraine War, the steel production capacity in Ukraine has now stopped, and there was a capacity of 40-45 thousand tons in Ukraine again. The attitude of the world towards Russian products in the coming period will affect the world markets. In such an environment, Turkish companies' increasing their capacity to 45 million tons and continuing their new investments will provide a serious economic return to Turkey. The iron and steel industry is an area where we do not give incentives due to European Union agreements. Despite this, huge investments are already underway. Hopefully, we will continue to support the industry. There are products that Turkey needs, not just qualified sheet metal. For example, we have a very serious shortfall in stainless steel. We force our companies to invest in this field. Here, silica sheet is a product used in transformers and generators in Turkey and we do not have production in Turkey. Tosyalı Holding will start its investment in this regard in the coming days. These were very valuable steps, investments. Hopefully, investments that will contribute greatly to Turkey's development with its investment, production, employment and export agenda.”

Minister Varank then visited the Baştuğ Çelik and Essel Paper factories and made investigations.

During his visit, Minister Varank was accompanied by Osmaniye Governor Erdinç Yılmaz, AK Party Osmaniye deputies Mücahit Durmuşoğlu and İsmail Kaya, Osmaniye OIZ Deputy Chairman Şerif Tosyalı, Osmaniye OSB General Manager Musa Gönül.

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