Kuleba Evaluated the Russia-Turkey-Ukraine Trilateral Foreign Ministers Meeting

Kuleba Evaluated the Russia-Turkey-Ukraine Trilateral Foreign Ministers Meeting
Kuleba Evaluated the Russia-Turkey-Ukraine Trilateral Foreign Ministers Meeting

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba evaluated the Russia-Ukraine-Turkey trilateral foreign ministers meeting held at the Regnum Carya Hotel in Antalya on the margin of the Antalya Diplomacy Forum (ADF) with the mediation of Turkey.

Kuleba, who started his speech by thanking the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu for making this contact, stated that the first contact with Russia at the level of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has been made since the first day of Russia's attacks on Ukraine.

Dmitro Kuleba stated that the Ukrainian city of Mariupol is under constant bombardment from the air, and that he came to the meeting for humanitarian purposes and said, “We are asking for help in the exit of civilians from the city of Mariupol. A humanitarian corridor needs to be created to provide humanitarian aid to Mariupol. Unfortunately, Minister Lavrov (humanitarian corridors) did not make a commitment to this. Still, he stated that he would talk to the authorities about this issue and write to them. We asked for a 24-hour ceasefire, but we couldn't make any progress. It looks like other decision makers will need to step in.” he said.

Noting that they decided to continue their efforts for humanitarian issues in the field, Kuleba said, “I agreed to meet again in such a format (like in Antalya). I agree to meet again if the need for a solution arises.” he used his words.

Expressing that they hope Lavrov will consult with decision-makers in Russia and that the humanitarian corridor will work, Kuleba said, “We cannot stop the war. If the country and state that attacked us does not want this, we will not be able to stop the war.” made its assessment.

Underlining that the only thing they need today is a "serious and constructive meeting", Kuleba said, "When the Russian side is ready to meet, I will be ready for this meeting." said.

Minister Kuleba said:

“I came here as a Foreign Minister, as someone with decision-making power, to find a solution, but he (Lavrov) came just to listen.”

Pointing out that the meeting in question was both difficult and easy, Minister Kuleba said, “Why was it easy? Because Minister Lavrov continued his own traditional narratives about Ukraine. It was difficult. Because I did my best. At least I tried to find a diplomatic solution because there is a humanitarian tragedy both in the occupied cities and on the war fronts. I have done my best to seek diplomatic avenues to end this human tragedy.” used the phrase.

Noting that the only thing they need today is a serious and constructive meeting, Kuleba said that they will do their best to save the lives of their citizens for peace.

Expressing that Russia can meet again if there is a need for a significant meeting and search for a solution, Kuleba said, “We will continue to work for the continuation of the process regarding the end of the war in Ukraine, the suffering of Ukrainians and Ukrainian civilians.” said.

Noting that they hoped that Russia would allow a humanitarian corridor from Mariupol, Sumi and Poltava, Kuleba continued as follows:

“I realized that the ceasefire was actually about the fulfillment of Putin's demands regarding Ukraine. Ukraine did not give up, does not give up and will not give up. We are open to diplomacy, we seek diplomatic solutions, but unless (diplomatic solutions) exist, we will bravely sacrifice ourselves and protect our homeland, land and people from Russian aggression. I hope it will be a continuation of today's format.”

Emphasizing that Russia does not seem likely to declare a ceasefire if Ukraine does not surrender, Kuleba said, "We want to see balanced diplomatic solutions here, but we will not surrender." said.

Kuleba, regarding the question of whether any concrete requests were made from Russia on humanitarian issues, said, “I made a very simple suggestion and said: We all probably have a smart phone, I can call my own officials right now, I can call my president, my chief of staff, and I will give you one hundred percent. I can guarantee. As a Ukrainian Foreign Minister, I say that everyone will make a promise about the humanitarian corridors, that the humanitarian corridors will indeed achieve their purpose. Can you do the same? Can you call? I asked, but he did not answer himself.” used the phrases.

Noting that the proposal of the ruling party in Ukraine regarding Turkey and the USA to be the guarantor countries was not discussed at the meeting, Kuleba said, “Among our consistent and stable policies is finally becoming a full member of NATO and getting the security and safety brought by the NATO agreement. These are not things that will happen in a single move, but the future work will continue. As for the Russian attack on Ukraine, NATO is collectively not ready to stop this attack, not ready to protect civilians from Russian air strikes.” made its assessment.

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