İZTAŞIT Buses Begin Service Also in Kiraz From Tomorrow

İZTAŞIT Buses Begin Service Also in Kiraz From Tomorrow
İZTAŞIT Buses Begin Service Also in Kiraz From Tomorrow

İZTAŞIT buses, which İzmir Metropolitan Municipality first implemented in Seferihisar with the aim of integrating the surrounding districts into the public transportation network, will start serving in Kiraz as of tomorrow (March 20). Minister Tunç SoyerStating that there is no other example of this practice in Turkey, he said, "We both strengthen the minibus shopkeepers and offer better service to the citizens."

İZTAŞIT buses, which first entered service in Seferihisar in December 2019, will also start operating in Kiraz as of tomorrow (Sunday, March 20). In accordance with the protocol signed by the ESHOT General Directorate and the Cherry Motor Carriers Cooperative No. 27, a total of nine buses on three lines will operate within the “Pay As You Go” schedule. İZTAŞIT buses will serve on the Kiraz-İzmir Bus Terminal (806), Kiraz-Ödemiş (803) and the newly opened Kiraz-Beydağ (801) lines. Expedition times can be viewed on the website of the ESHOT General Directorate and the ESHOT Mobile application, which can be downloaded to smart phones.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyermet with the executives and members of the Kiraz Motor Carriers Cooperative No: SS 27 and the drivers of Kiraz İZTAŞIT vehicles at İnciraltı ESHOT Garage. ESHOT General Manager Erhan Bey, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Özgür Ozan Yılmaz, Transportation Department Head Sibel Özgür, ESHOT Deputy General Managers Kader Sertpoyraz, Kerim Özer, Eser Atak and SS 27 Cherry Motor Carriers Cooperative President Mehmet He was accompanied by Konya.

Chairman Soyer: “We do not sell by tender”

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerHe said that the Integration of Individual Transportation Cooperatives into Public Transportation Project (İZTAŞIT) will be expanded in all surrounding districts. Emphasizing that in line with the local development strategy, the owners of İZTAŞIT have been cooperative members who have been carrying out individual transportation since the past, Mayor Soyer concluded his words as follows: “There is no precedent for this practice in Turkey. We do not act with the logic of opening a tender like a private public bus, and the one who pays the most should buy these lines. We entrust these lines to people who have been working and steering for years. This has two benefits. First, we institutionalize and strengthen the minibus shopkeepers. Secondly, we provide better service to the citizens. This is a system where everyone wins, and it is implemented only in İzmir in Turkey. That's why we're very proud. Thank you for joining this caravan. I hope you will work without any accident.”

İzmirim Card advantages

With the introduction of ESHOT-controlled İZTAŞIT buses, the cash payment period in public transportation will end in Kiraz and travel with İzmirim Card. Citizens of the 60 and 65 age group living in the district, the disabled, students and teachers, and health workers will start to benefit from free and discounted public transportation rights. Thanks to the new buses, travel comfort and safety will increase. Embarkation and boarding of passengers will be done at ESHOT stops. Passenger and traffic safety will be ensured with the end of the illegal stop-and-go minibuses.

ESHOT will be supervised

İZTAŞIT vehicles, drivers and cooperative management will be under the control of ESHOT. All trainings given to ESHOT drivers will also be given to İZTAŞIT drivers on a regular basis. Transportation plans will be made by the Transportation Planning Department of the General Directorate of ESHOT. In parallel with the increase in passengers, ESHOT buses will also be able to serve as supplementary service vehicles if deemed necessary.

Features of İZTAŞIT vehicles

İZTAŞIT buses, which will be put into service in Kiraz, have a total capacity of 26 passengers, 61 of which are sitting. Comfortable, barrier-free, air-conditioned, low-floor vehicles with cameras in compliance with Euro 6 emission standards are also compatible with the ESHOT Fleet Tracking System.

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