It's Now Easier to Take No-Pocket Cruises

It's Now Easier To Go On Boat Tours That Don't Burn Pockets
It's Now Easier To Go On Boat Tours That Don't Burn Pockets

Ship travel stands out as a type of holiday that is highly preferred in our country, with its options, which holiday lovers enjoy and are comfortable with. Today, there are different programs for ship tours that appeal to different budgets. For a budget-friendly cruise, it is very important to catch early booking opportunities. Travel expert Ahmet Yazıcı emphasized the importance of following the tour promotions before the holiday and made explanations about how to seize the opportunities.

How about traveling to the cities of your dreams at advantageous prices on a giant cruise ship called a 'floating hotel'? In this period when the tourism season is starting to revive, holidaymakers primarily focus on affordable, affordable travels and tours, while tourism experts emphasize the importance of following early reservations and promotions for a budget-friendly holiday plan. Ahmet Yazıcı, General Manager of Selectum Blu Cruises, said, “We consider it one of our primary duties to offer our guests a safe and comfortable holiday, as well as affordable holiday tour options. Our guests take advantage of the advantages and reserve their place for the cruise holiday they will take on board the Selectum Blue Saphire ship. With the promotions we have prepared for our cruise ship tours, our guests both have an economical holiday and leave their holiday happily.”


Ahmet Yazıcı, General Manager of Selectum Blu Cruises, emphasized the importance of early reservation in holiday options and emphasized that it would be privileged for holidaymakers to take advantage of the opportunities. Yazıcı said, “As Selectum Blue Saphire, we have started a promotion for our 4-night tours departing from Antalya and arriving in Antalya for 169 nights in April and May, with all interior cabins being 189 € and all outer cabins 27 €. In addition, the second person accompanying our guest will be free of charge. (It will only be responsible for the port tax) We apply our promotional opportunities on our tours excluding the holiday period. Our tour dates have been determined as 5 April and 9, 13, 17, 21, 25, 29, XNUMX May.” We aim to provide a holiday experience that will be remembered for many years. For this reason, we recommend our guests to take advantage of the early booking opportunity.


It is possible to experience different cultures by visiting many routes in a short time with cruise travel. Stating that cruise travels also meet the demand in tourism at this point, Ahmet Yazıcı touched upon the distinctive features of the luxury cruise ship Selectum Blue Saphire. Yazıcı said, “We have 24-hour room service on our ship. We provide our guests with the highest quality service throughout their holiday with our friendly and experienced staff, from different room types and housekeeping to restaurant staff, from cooks to animation team.

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