'Istanbul Adopt Our Dear Friends' Project from İBB

'Istanbul Adopt Our Dear Friends' Project from İBB
'Istanbul Adopt Our Dear Friends' Project from İBB

With the cooperation of IMM, Istanbul Volunteers and SemtPati, it is starting a campaign to adopt stray animals. Animal lovers who want to adopt our dear friends in the nursing homes of IMM will be able to make a preliminary application through the SemtPati application. Istanbul Volunteers will manage the application process through the application. This will help more dogs find a home.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) has started an adoption move for dogs in Stray Animal Temporary Nursing Homes to find their forever homes. The project, which started with the slogan "Own Istanbul", is realized with the cooperation of Istanbul Volunteers and SemtPati.

Animal lovers who want to adopt dogs in IMM Nursing Homes can make a preliminary application through the SemtPati application. Istanbul residents who want to adopt a dog and fill out the application form will meet their dear friends as a result of the evaluation to be made by Istanbul Volunteers and IMM Veterinary Directorate. In the application, there are pages with each dog's age and gender information, as well as a photo. The “SemtPati” mobile application, which also provides basic information about animal health and care, can be downloaded free of charge from IOS and Android devices.


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who evaluated the project Ekrem İmamoğluMentioning the importance of adopting animals living on the street, he continued as follows:

“Rapid urbanization is victimizing all street creatures, especially dogs. We can transform their natural environments into huge sites, districts, and even districts in a few years. Street creatures are also struggling to survive. There is a perception in the world that shelters with a capacity of thousands or tens of thousands can be built. However, the respect for the living does not allow this. We needed practical applications to solve these problems. As the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, I would like to thank the businessperson İpek Kıraç, who supported us in this project, and the Istanbul Volunteers. I would also like to thank the companies in the Koç Group who have embraced nearly 40 of our lives in our nursing homes. I wish this good behavior to set an example for all companies and institutions. I believe that the people of Istanbul will not remain indifferent to our dear friends waiting for their warm homes in our nursing homes. I would like to congratulate all Istanbulites who have heeded our call and adopted animals.”

İpek Kıraç, the founder of the SemtPati project and a Member of the Koç Holding Board of Directors, said, “In our SemtPati project, which we have implemented with the aim of living in harmony, love and safety with stray animals, first of all, our Dear President, who has been with us from the beginning of the road. Ekrem İmamoğluI would like to express my sincere thanks to all the animal lovers who signed up for our application, especially the Istanbul Volunteers. In SemtPati's new step, we will support widespread and effective adoption with the slogan 'Own Istanbul' in order for dogs to have a family that will love them. We have updated the mobile application of our project, which aims to register stray dogs to identify their needs and support the data-based decision-making processes of local governments, to focus on the area of ​​adoption. In this context, Koç Group Companies became a home for nearly 40 of our canine friends. In the next period, we plan to extend the campaign to a much larger ecosystem by adopting our colleagues and dealers in Koç Group. We will continue to expand the trainings we have implemented in order to teach the right ways of communication about stray animals in primary schools.”


IMM Veterinary Services Directorate, within the scope of rehabilitation works, makes sterilization, vaccination and anti-parasites of all animals in nursing homes and records them. All dogs adopted by animal lovers are delivered to their new homes after these cares. Adopted dogs are also subjected to temperament tests by IMM Veterinarians and dog trainers. He then receives leash and basic walking training.

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