Humanitarian Aid Ship From Turkey Reached Lebanon

Humanitarian Aid Ship From Turkey Reached Lebanon
Humanitarian Aid Ship From Turkey Reached Lebanon

The first part of 524 tons of humanitarian aid materials, prepared by the order of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and under the coordination of the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD), arrived in Lebanon from Mersin Taşucu Port.

Turkey's Ambassador to Beirut Ali Barış Ulusoy, Chairman of the Lebanese High Aid Committee Major General Muhammed Charitable and representatives of Lebanese security institutions welcomed the ship, which docked at the port in Tripoli. Ulusoy, who made a speech on the occasion of the aid ceremony, said:

We are delivering this aid material, carried by 15 TIR trucks, to the Lebanese authorities with our ceremony today. This aid package, which includes baby milk and food supplies, has been sent to meet the urgent basic needs of members of Lebanese security agencies. We expect the second auxiliary fleet of 18 lorry trucks to arrive in Tripoli before the end of this week, again to be distributed to members of Lebanese security agencies and their families.

Ulusoy stated that Turkey, which does not see Lebanon's security and stability as different from its own security and stability, attaches great importance to the support of Lebanon's security institutions and their members. It is a new concrete proof that it does not stay in words. As a friend of the dark days, Turkey will not leave its Lebanese brothers alone in their difficult times, not only with state institutions but also with non-governmental organizations.” said.

A Thousand Tons of Humanitarian Aid Material Will Coming in Ramadan

Pointing out that humanitarian aid will continue to arrive from Turkey to Lebanon in Ramadan, Ambassador Ulusoy, referring to the program prepared in this context, said, "The humanitarian aid material of 1000 tons of food and flour, prepared under the coordination of AFAD with the support and contributions of Turkish non-governmental organizations, will be delivered from the next Ramadan. First, it will be brought to Tripoli with the 'Ship of Goodness' and from there it will be delivered to those in need in Lebanon.” he said.

Ulusoy underlined that Turkey will continue to do its part for the welfare and well-being of friendly and brotherly Lebanon.

In addition, the Chairman of the Lebanese High Aid Committee, Major General Muhammed No, expressed his gratitude to Turkey for the assistance provided to the security forces in Lebanon. Noting that the doors are open to all kinds of humanitarian aid from the outside during the economic difficult period Lebanon is going through, No, reminded that Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati has made many initiatives in this direction.

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