Don't Think Your WhatsApp Messages Have Been Deleted! All Deleted Messages Can Be Seen!

get back deleted messages whatsapp
get back deleted messages whatsapp

Those whose WhatsApp messages are deleted no longer have a place to fear. Because now all deleted messages are instantly restored with a single click. No one actually knows about this feature, which WhatsApp announced many years ago! Users, on the other hand, can never give up, even if they change their phones. sohbets instantly switch to the new phone.

WhatsApp is the most popular communication tool today. Now, instead of talking on the phone, we communicate via WhatsApp and correspond with people. We talk and communicate via WhatsApp about work, friends, family, school and any other subject. When he's so important sohbetOf course, it is also important to stop the backup of our products.

Knowing this, WhatsApp announced the backup feature about 4 years ago. However, we still have readers who do not know how to use it and have never used WhatsApp conversation backup, installation and deletion. With the help of this guide content that we have prepared for them, WhatsApp conversation backups will be restored immediately. Here are all the details in this article:

android whatsapp Sohbet How to Download Backup?

Backed up on Android sohbetRestoring them is easy. But first available sohbetLet's back up:

• Enter the settings menu
• On the next page Sohbet ve Sohbet Enter the backup menu
• All to Google Drive Sohbeti Click the Backup link
• If your phone is associated with a Gmail account, WhatsApp instantly sohbetIt will back up your files to Google Drive.
• In this way, all your conversations will be backed up.

Let's say you changed phone or reset your phone. In this case, follow the steps below:

• Log into your Gmail account that you wrote above during Android installation.
• Install WhatsApp on your phone. Type the same mobile phone number.
• After logging in to WhatsApp, WhatsApp will ask you if you want to backup.
• All sohbet After pressing the upload your backup option, WhatsApp will have uploaded your entire conversation backup.

IOS WhatsApp Sohbet How to Download Backup?

IOS WhatsApp backup is also the same as Android. The only difference will be to log in your Apple ID instead of Gmail. As long as your phone number and Apple ID are the same, the whole process is actually handled automatically by WhatsApp, Google and Apple. You can make a backup in the same way on IOS as on Android devices, if you log in to the same Apple ID after resetting your phone or changing your phone, WhatsApp sohbet it will search for your backup and ask you if you want to install a backup.


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