Diyarbakir Conquest Anthem Lyrics Competition Will Be Held

Diyarbakir Conquest Anthem Lyrics Competition Will Be Held
Diyarbakir Conquest Anthem Lyrics Competition Will Be Held

“Diyarbakır Conquest Anthem Lyrics Competition” will be held in Turkish and Kurdish on the occasion of the 1383rd anniversary of the Conquest of Diyarbakır.

The Metropolitan Municipality started its activities to celebrate the 1383th anniversary of the conquest of Diyarbakır by the Islamic Armies.

Head of Culture and Social Affairs Department Ali Çelik and Head of Education-Bir-Sen Diyarbakır Branch Ramazan Tekdemir made a press statement at Sezai Karakoç Culture and Congress Center regarding the Diyarbakır Conquest Anthem Lyrics Competition to be held as part of the events.

Çelik said in a statement that the competition was jointly organized by the Metropolitan Municipality and Eğitim-Bir-Sen.

Stating that Diyarbakir is home to 33 civilizations, Çelik emphasized that the largest of these civilizations is the Islamic civilization.

Çelik noted that the Islamic armies conquered Diyarbakır in 639 and that this conquest was the harbinger of the conquest of Manzikert and Istanbul.

Reminding that they organized conquest activities in cooperation with public non-governmental organizations under the leadership of Governor Münir Karaloğlu last year, Çelik said:

“This year we are making preparations to celebrate the 1383th anniversary of the conquest of Diyarbakır. The first, second and third songs that are ranked will be rewarded. Later, these lyrics will be composed and we will contribute to the celebration of the conquest of Diyarbakır in a more enthusiastic way by singing those compositions together on the streets in this year's celebrations.”

Deadline for application is April 20

Education-Bir-Sen Diyarbakir Branch President Tekdemir said that the competition is important in terms of creating social awareness.

Expressing that they wanted to create a consciousness again and refresh the existing consciousness by interpreting the spirit and consciousness of conquest with lyrics and composition, Tekdemir said:

“Students, non-governmental organizations and participants from all over our country can apply for this competition. We wanted to consolidate the history of our city, which started anew with Islam, and to create an identity and spirit dynamism. Applications for our competition will continue until April 20 and the winners will be announced on April 25.

Tekdemir thanked Governor Münir Karaloğlu for his contributions to the competition.

Application conditions

Applications for the Diyarbakir Conquest Lyrics competition will end on April 20. of the competition; It should include the concepts and topics of "Islam, Islamic Civilization, Peace, Diyarbekir, Conquest, Symbols of Conquest, Prophet Solomon, Companions, Blessed Generation".

Teachers working in all public and private schools throughout Turkey and high school students studying in public and private schools can also participate in the competition, where participants from all age groups can apply.

In the competition where there will be no restrictions on form and size, the participant will be able to participate with more than one work and can choose the format they want. The piece should be suitable for march and composition, and the lyrics should be written in accordance with the language rules.

Participants will deliver their works to Eğitim-Bir Sen Diyarbakır Branch No. 1 by hand or via e-mail to the address “”.

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