Bids Still High in Kartepe Cable Car Tender

Bids Still High in Kartepe Cable Car Tender
Bids Still High in Kartepe Cable Car Tender

The tender for the Kartepe Cable Car Project was carried out through EKAP. Leitner and SPA partnership gave the lowest bid in the tender, with an offer of 334 million 400 thousand TL.

The tender was held on January 5 for the Kartepe Cable Car Project, which has been postponed for various reasons and whose tenders have been canceled for about 25 years, and the tender was canceled due to the submission of offers far above the approximate cost. In the last tender held on January 25, the last bids of 3 companies were received in sealed envelopes. For the cable car project, the approximate cost of which was determined as 157 million 953 thousand 179 TL and 99 kurus, the Grand Yapı + Pam Construction partnership made the lowest bid of 318 million TL, while the Leintner + SPA partnership offered 349 million TL, and the Bartholet AG + Kır Tur partnership offered 328 million TL.

Tender was made through EKAP

3 of the 2 companies that participated in the first tender for the Kartepe Cable Car line, which was included in the scope of the Industry Cooperation Project of the Ministry of Industry and Technology in order to be a completely domestic and national project, offered by changing their partnerships. In the tender held in the Metropolitan Municipality tender meeting hall under the chairmanship of Rail Systems Branch Manager Fatih Gürel, the bids were received electronically via EKAP. The estimated cost of the project in question was 309 million 596 thousand 318 TL and 81 kuruş due to increasing costs. The difference within the scope of the new price, which is twice the previous estimated value, was 151 million 643 thousand 138 TL and 81 kuruş. Leitner and SPA partnership bid 334 million 400 thousand TL, while Doppelmayr and Grand Yapı partnership bid 335 million TL. Within the scope of the tender kazanThe company will be announced later.

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