Another Environmental Facility for Izmir, Turkey's Treatment Leader

Another Environmental Facility for Izmir, Turkey's Treatment Leader
Another Environmental Facility for Izmir, Turkey's Treatment Leader

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality opened Kemalpaşa Ulucak Wastewater Treatment Plant on 22 March World Water Day. Speaking at the opening ceremony of the facility, which is of great importance for the protection of the Nif Stream and Gediz Delta, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said, “I hope our policy called 'Another water management is possible', which spreads from Izmir to all of Turkey, will increase the following three feelings we need: Courage. and our determination, our hope that we keep alive and our unity," he said.

Leading the treatment plant projects with an environment-oriented approach, İZSU General Directorate put into service a new facility that will carry İzmir to the future on 22 March World Water Day. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer and his wife Neptün Soyer, CHP İzmir Deputy Özcan Purçu and his wife Gülseren Purçu, Kemalpaşa Mayor Rıdvan Karakayalı and his wife Lütfiye Karakayalı, Foça Mayor Fatih Gürbüz, Mayor of Ödemiş Mehmet Eriş, Mayor of Menderes Mustafa Kayalar, Mayor of Gaziemir Halil Arda, CHP Kemalpaşa District President Ahmet Cemil Balyeli, İZSU General Manager Aysel Özkan, former İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Sırrı Aydoğan, Kemalpaşa Chamber of Agriculture President Bülent Oray, Turkey Irrigation Cooperatives Central Union SS Manisa Region Irrigation Cooperatives Union President Ali Halis Uysal, Metropolitan and İZSU bureaucrats, citizens and headmen attended.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the facility, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said, “With our Kemalpaşa Ulucak Treatment Facility, a page in the history of Izmir is closing, a new milestone begins. Today, the pollution of Nif Stream, one of the biggest environmental problems of our city, is permanently resolved. With the Ulucak Treatment Plant, Nif Stream, one of the most important branches of Gediz, will now flow cleanly.”

Kemalpaşa Ulucak Wastewater Treatment Plant was commissioned in a short time like 19 months.

Stating that Kemalpaşa is one of the most important agricultural regions of İzmir and Turkey, and also has a very large organized industrial zone, Mayor Tunç Soyer said, “The population of our district is increasing day by day. We are aware of our responsibility to support this development of Kemalpaşa. For this reason, we started the Kemalpaşa - İzmir metro project in the past months. Today, we are putting our Ulucak Treatment Facility into service in a short period of 19 months. The facility has another feature. A Solar Power Plant (GES) with a total installed power of 11 kW will be established on the roof areas of Kemalpaşa-Ulucak Wastewater Treatment Plant and on an area of ​​approximately 970 decares. With the facility, which will generate approximately 1 million 600 thousand kWh of electricity annually, the entire electricity needs of Ulucak Wastewater Treatment Plant will be met, and 2 million TL will be saved per year.

President Soyer said, “I hope our policy called 'Another water management is possible', which has spread from İzmir to all of Turkey, will increase the following three feelings we need: our courage and determination, our hope that we keep alive and our unity.

We keep our promises one by one

Reminding that 2021 metropolitan cities and 22 provincial municipalities came together to protect water on 11 March World Water Day, celebrated in 10, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Soyer said, “We are realizing the decisions we made within the scope of the Sustainable Water Policies in Cities Summit as we promised. One of our promises was to create a participatory water management model. We said that we will carry out water management with a brand new, participatory approach that will involve all water user stakeholders at city, basin and country scale. We took a big step in this regard last July. We visited Gediz Basin, one of the biggest water basins of İzmir, and met with all our stakeholders. For the Gediz Basin, we formed the common will that brought us together today. We will do the same work for our Küçük Menderes and Bakırçay basins in the coming months," he said.

Use of water resources should be determined at the basin scale

Stating that the General Directorate of İZSU has mobilized all its resources in 8 districts to protect and develop the Küçük Menderes Basin, Mayor Soyer said, “We still have many projects in progress with an investment amount of 358 million TL. On the other hand, our İZSU General Directorate has exceeded the 2023 percent target set by the General Directorate of Water Management for 30 in terms of losses and leaks, thanks to the studies it has carried out in recent years. We are rapidly continuing our efforts to further reduce our water loss and leakage rates.”

Wastewater will be used in agricultural irrigation

Underlining that they are working hard to protect the water cycle, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said, “We have filed a lawsuit against the mining enterprises in Gördes, we are fighting for the Gediz Delta to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We are implementing a comprehensive plan to transfer the domestic wastewater used in İzmir between different sectors and the ecosystem after it has undergone the necessary treatment processes. We are developing projects for the use of water from advanced biological wastewater treatment plants in agricultural irrigation and urban green areas. It is returned to wastewater treatment plants located in regions where underground and surface resources are decreasing. kazanWe are installing IM units. We realized our project for the first time in Kemalpaşa Wastewater Treatment Plant, which we determined as the pilot area. Back in the units we installed at the facility kazanWe use the wastewater we collect for irrigation of urban green spaces through our district municipality. Bayındır Hasköy Waste Water Treatment Plant back kazanWe have also completed our production in our IM unit. We are starting to use the “Class A” quality water that we will obtain from the unit in agriculture. According to the latest data of the Turkish Statistical Institute, İzmir has become Turkey's leading city in wastewater treatment. We will continue to live this justified pride and keep it alive together.”

No such investment

Kemalpaşa Mayor Rıdvan Karakayalı stated that they attach importance to infrastructure investments and said, “Kemalpaşa is the hidden garden of İzmir. We are like nails and meat with the Metropolitan Municipality. During the period of Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, we saw that not only Kemalpaşa, but also İzmir, from Ödemiş to Çeşme, is in the investment process. There is work everywhere, construction sites everywhere. İzmir did not see this investment in its life. It is the first time that such an infrastructure investment has taken place. For centuries, cesspool water has flowed into streams, and from there it enters the Nif Stream, Gediz and the gulf. Our President, Tunç Soyer, is making a great effort to save the Gediz delta. This area definitely needs to be cleaned, our goal is this clean bay, clean Aegean” and continued his speech as follows:

“İZSU, İZBETON, Metropolitan teams work from four branches. Thank you very much for your investments. Buca metro will be built. No one will be able to prevent this, after which the Kemalpaşa metro will be built.”

An investment of 45 million lira in an environmentally friendly facility

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has added a new one to its advanced biological treatment plants that purify at European standards, has cost 45 million liras to the facility it has implemented in Kemalpasa Ulucak. The treatment plant, built on an area of ​​23 square meters, will purify 500 cubic meters of domestic wastewater per day with advanced biological methods. The environmentally friendly facility will purify the wastewater originating from Ulucak, İstiklal, Atatürk, Cumhuriyet, Damlacık, Kuyucak and Ansızca districts, will carry out advanced biological treatment and the treated water will be disinfected with the ultraviolet method. Ulucak Treatment Facility, which will also provide odor removal, will serve 4 thousand people. With the commissioning of the treatment plant, the water of 200 percent of Kemalpaşa district will be purified. In addition, thanks to the solar power plant to be established within the facility, the facility will also produce its own energy. Taking action to reduce the negative effects of climate change and drought, İZSU will make the treated A quality water usable in agriculture and garden irrigation for the first time. Back kazanThe distilled water will be given to the farmers through irrigation cooperatives. In all wastewater treatment plants that İZSU will build from now on, it will be recycled. kazanIM unit will be installed.

It is of great importance for keeping the Nif Stream and Gediz Delta clean.

The advanced biological wastewater treatment plant, which will be put into service in Kemalpaşa, which hosts the largest organized industrial zone of İzmir, will prevent wastewater from reaching the nature without treatment. The facility, which was built to protect the environment and water resources, is also of great importance for the protection and cleanliness of the Gediz Delta, a unique habitat for aquatic life.

A meaningful campaign from Bahçeşehir College students

Young Izmir pantomime artists also carried banners with messages on the efficient use and protection of water at the ceremony. Bahçeşehir College Science High School students also presented flowers to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer for his environmental awareness. The 'H2O 4 US' team, which carries out a project in the field of FPS (Future Problem Solving) program Community Problem Solving, drew attention to the efficient use of water resources. Students preparing for the Turkey qualifying rounds in April stated that the aim of the project is to ensure the efficient use of water and its sustainability, since Turkey's water resources are under threat. For this reason, students who share information messages emphasizing the efficient use of water as labels on water bottles with their surroundings will represent our country in America if they come first in the project they carry out jointly with academics and scientists.

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