Modernized by STM, Agosta 90B Class Submarine Hits Its Target With Precise Accuracy!

Modernized by STM, Agosta 90B Class Submarine Hits Its Target With Precise Accuracy!
Modernized by STM, Agosta 90B Class Submarine Hits Its Target With Precise Accuracy!

Agosta 90B Class Submarine PNS/M HAMZA (S-139), modernized by TM for the Pakistan Navy, managed to hit and sink a decommissioned frigate with a single torpedo shot.

An impressive success was achieved in Turkey's first submarine modernization export Pakistan Agosta 90B Submarine Modernization, which was carried out under the main contractor of STM.

During the SEASPARK-17 Tactical Exercise, which was held biennially by the Pakistan Naval Forces Command and carried out between 13 February and 2022 March 2022 this year, guided missiles and torpedoes were fired at various targets. One of the actual firings was carried out by the submarine PNS/M HAMZA (S-90), which was modernized within the scope of Pakistan Agosta 29B Submarine Modernization (PADYÖM) Project and delivered to the Pakistan Navy on 2021 April 139.

Target Destroyed in One Torpedo Shot!

Target Destroyed in Single Torpedo Fire

PNS/M HAMZA (S-139), equipped with national engineering capabilities by STM, destroyed a TARIQ class ship (Type 2 frigate) decommissioned with a single torpedo shot, with a single torpedo shot, with a DM-4A21 torpedo shot. he did.

The delegations followed the exercise from the Pakistani Marine Supply Tanker PNS MOAWIN, which was designed and built by STM and delivered in 2018.

Within the scope of PADYÖM Project, under the main contractorship of STM, successfully integrated into the submarine; Integrated Underwater Command and Control (IUCCS & C2IS) System, Weapon Control (WCS) System, Sonar Systems, Periscopes (Attack and Navigation), Electronic Warfare, Radar, Ship Data Distribution System, STMDENGİZ Electronic Chart Display and Information System, Converters, Rudder System The successful completion of the operation of the PNS/M HAMZA (S-139) submarine, which carried out the launch, once again demonstrated the competence of STM in national and international submarine production and modernization.

Submarine modernization tender against the French firm that designed and built the submarine in 2016 kazanFor the first time, an STM had exported engineering in a field that required advanced technology such as submarines. While the acceptance activities and delivery of the PNS/M HAMZA (S-139) submarine were completed without serious delay despite the negative effects of the COVID-19 environment, the modernization process of the other two submarines of PADYÖM is being carried out as planned by STM. STM, which successfully carried out such a large-scale modernization abroad on a platform that was not designed and manufactured by itself, was another remarkable achievement, with the PADYÖM Project being certified by DNV, a member of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS).

Great contribution from STM to the exports of the Turkish defense industry

STM, which has been successfully carrying out projects in the friendly and brotherly country Pakistan for a long time, makes a significant contribution to the export activities of the Turkish defense industry with the mutual trust and cooperation it has developed. STM has built and delivered Pakistan Sea Supply Ship PNS MOAWIN, Turkey's largest tonnage military shipbuilding project designed for the Pakistan Navy, in Karachi. With this project, it enabled nearly 20 Turkish companies to export indirectly. Within the framework of the PADYÖM Project, domestic and national systems of companies such as HAVELSAN and ASELSAN were also exported during the modernization process. Trust of Pakistan Navy kazanAn STM is also involved in the 4 Island Class Corvette Projects to be produced by Turkey for Pakistan, with its engineering capability for the supply and integration of the main propulsion system.

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