Health Sector-Specific Forum Platform Established

Health Sector-Specific Forum Platform Established
Health Sector-Specific Forum Platform Established

Over the years, education and business life, as well as social life, are becoming digital. Nowadays, people meet most of their needs online. Not only products and services are procured from the Internet, but also unlimited sources of information on many subjects can be easily reached. With the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence technologies, it is now possible to create digital mechanisms that almost make decisions instead of humans. Thanks to up-to-date algorithms, the information we want to reach in the next step is laid before us in advance. Cloud technologies can store unlimited information for us and bring it to us in seconds. As technology develops, everything starts to become smart: smart phones, smart homes, smart cars, smart watches… In our digitalized life, developments in the field of health also continue. With our Sesan Forum platform, we aim to keep up with the technological development in the field of health, facilitate information sharing, keep different health-related audiences together, and thus strengthen "communication in health". Please share your comments, requests and suggestions with us so that we can develop this platform in accordance with the needs of the industry. You can also review previous messages on this page.

Sesan Forum is a free communication platform. On this platform, topics related to health, mother-baby, medical products, medical devices, diseases, patient care, public institutions and hospitals are shared. Its purpose is to bring together patients, their relatives, caregivers, biomedicalists, physicians, nurses, medical companies, pharmacies and health professionals. The topics shared are generally medical devices, medical products, catalogues, user manuals, second-hand medical device sales, technical specifications, public institutions, KİK, TİTCK, SGK, ÜTS, Ministry of Health, TSE, Health Market, TOBB, supports and incentives. , petitions, diseases, sleep apnea, pandemic-epidemic, dementia, Alzheimer's, COPD, ALS, diabetes, MS, cancer, blood pressure, health institutions, hospitals, pharmacies, associations, medical device and medical companies, company promotions, job seekers, OHS/OSGB is about events, congresses, trainings, home care patients, caregivers, general health, health tourism, mother-baby, biomedical technologies and internships. As a member, you can share your opinions and requests, follow the most up-to-date information, be informed about the events and contribute to the issues you want. Sesan Forum platform, we aim to facilitate communication in the field of health:

Messages You Share With Us

11.11.2016 – HAKAN ÖZYİĞİT – Everyone who uses the internet should benefit from this platform. The medical sector should be an honest and honest sector that works with a low profit margin. There are many unscrupulous sellers in the industry right now. These people, who try to sell what they bought for one, for a thousand, are making the already victimized patient a victim for the second time. They also exploit the state that tries to serve us with our taxes. Therefore, the current prices of all products should be shared on the website to be built. Citizens looking for products should be able to become members without restrictions and be able to see the arrival and sales prices of the products to the company. It should be able to easily list where to buy the products with the cheapest price and brand and model information. The medical industry should learn about fair trade. Thus, competition occurs and instead of poor quality products, quality and healthy products meet the customers. The tradesmen also make peace with the people.

23.11.2016 – TAMER YİĞİT – A free social media platform is necessary for the market to grow.

25.11.2016 – ACEM İLTER – It should provide all kinds of information about the devices and it should be paid. Because money will be needed for this platform. This can be done for a reasonable fee.

29.11.2016 – MEHMET İLTER – Just like football comes to mind when sports are mentioned in our country, unfortunately, Facebook comes first when social media is mentioned. Many corporate companies can reach their desired target audience through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin or via e-mail. Instead of opening a new platform, powerful and useful feedback can be obtained by using existing channels correctly.

16.12.2016 – ORHAN İNAT – Such a platform should be free and provide detailed information.

22.12.2016 – AYSUN BERİL KARAMAN – It should contain information about the devices and give current news. It should be free.

27.12.2016 – YUNUS EMRE FELEK – It should provide information about devices, sell devices, offer job opportunities and be free of charge.

27.12.2016 – MURAT POLAT – It should be a free platform where the business opportunities of the sector and the techniques are shared so that people can earn more from this sector. Sharing should be made to eliminate the prejudice against the sector.

04.01.2017 – ASLI GÜNGÖREV – Biomedical engineering should be promoted and people's awareness should be raised.

05.01.2017 – NECATİ TARSUS – There is no need for such a platform. Facebook is enough for this job.

09.01.2017 – MEHMET DENİR – It should be a free platform that can offer everything in terms of professional knowledge and technique.

25.01.2017 – ANIL ŞİMŞEK – It should be a free platform that provides job opportunities.

15.02.2017 – EMRE İŞBİLİR – It should be a free and new social media platform.

19.02.2017 – MELTEM PARLAK – It should be a free system that includes the latest developments and professional connections.

12.03.2017 – AHMET ERTÜRK – It should be free of charge.

24.03.2017 – BARIŞ KILIÇ – It will be useful and beneficial.

06.04.2017 – MEHMET GÜLERTEKİN – Everyone wants new things like this to happen, but there is no support after they are built. I don't think so. If you do, get paid.

28.04.2017 – FATİH SERVET – It should be a free system that includes technical information and provides job opportunities.

07.06.2017 – SEYİT HAMZA ÇAVGA – Internship opportunities for students should be shared. An environment where the expectations of new entrants to the market will be discussed should be provided and it should be paid.

12.07.2017 – CİHAN BAYINDIR – It should be a free platform where general information about the medical sector, events and developments can be provided.

13.07.2017 – ARMAĞAN KÖŞKER – It should be a free system that can provide jobs to our colleagues, for business purposes only, without nonsense like Whatsapp.

22.09.2017 – HÜSEYİN YILMAZ – It should be a free platform where we can share the developments about the sector and solve the problems encountered together.

29.09.2017 – MELİSA SAHİLLİ – It should be a free system where developments and information about the sector can be shared.

01.10.2017 – ECEM HAFİZE AKGÜL – It should be a free platform that raises awareness of young friends in this field as students.

14.11.2017 – SERDAR YİĞİT – The system should be free of charge and should provide information about the health sector.

17.12.2017 – AYKUT TAŞKIRAN – It should provide free service on every subject.

07.01.2018 – MERVE ÖRER – He should talk about all the innovations in the medical field in our country and in the world, and inform the people who will choose this field.

07.01.2018 – ALİ YASİN OKÇU – There should be a free arrangement where new friends and experienced craftsmen who will enter the sector come together.

18.01.2018 – ÖZLEM GÖKTÜRK – There is no need for such a platform. Unfortunately, no one supports it.

26.02.2018 – AHMET TAVŞANLAR – It should be a free system where sectoral developments are presented.

27.02.2018 – RAIN SALTIK – It should be a free environment that provides information on the latest technological developments, seminars and congresses.

06.03.2018 – YELİZ ÇAKMAK – It should be a free platform that provides information about all developments and devices abroad.

12.03.2018 – CENGİZ SÖNMEZ – A free forum where information such as domestic and international developments in the medical sector and biomedical engineering, information about newly produced or testing devices, newly opened medical companies and manufacturing factories, internship opportunities for biomedical engineering students are shared. there must be a place.

28.04.2018 – MEHMET ALİ YILDIZ – It should be a free environment where everything related to the sector is shared.

21.05.2018 – RECEP EROL – It should be a free system with up-to-date information about devices.
HAKKI GÜLDAL – It should be a free social platform that provides information about companies and medical products and organizes trainings when necessary.

17.08.2018 – MUSTAFA BİLAL UYSAL – There should be a union across Turkey and a biomedical engineers desk should be established. We should all be members of it.

26.09.2018 – BURAK ASLAN – A free social media platform is needed in the medical field.

05.10.2018 – NECDET SÖNMEZ – There should be a system that provides free service and shares about medical products and dealership.

25.10.2018 – RECEP TUZAK – It should be a free place where necessary information about devices is shared.

09.11.2018 – ADNAN KURDOĞLU – Details of devices should be shared free of charge.

11.11.2018 – ULAŞ ÖZTÜRK – It should be a free social media platform with SUT and SSI information, announcement and appointment system.

14.11.2018 – SEYFETTİN DELİCE – It should be a free website where buying, selling and trading can be done.

26.11.2018 – BERİL KARAMAN – It should be a free system that offers all the information about the devices.

04.12.2018 – MUSA AKÇALI – It should be a free, decent and respectable communication environment.

07.12.2018 – ECEVİT YÜCEL – There should be a free website that provides information about new devices and prostheses and explains the system of SSI.

13.12.2018 – EMRE AĞAR – It should be a closed system that works with the logic of a wholesaler, specific to medical and pharmacy.

17.12.2018 – MERVE AKIN – It can be a free membership website.

18.12.2018 – NİYAZİ ÇEŞMELİ – I think there is no need for such a social platform.

20.12.2018 – DİDEM GÜNAYDIN ​​– It should be a free platform that can meet industry-related demands.

03.01.2019 – HALİL İBRAHİM DURAN – I think we can get rid of the big problems and costs experienced in the sector thanks to this network.

05.01.2019 – MESUT DINLER – It can be a website that can provide job postings, innovations in the biomedical field and technical assistance between technicians.

09.01.2019 – OKAN ÖZTÜRK – There should be a software where innovations in the sector, fairs, job postings and trading postings can be shared.

18.01.2019 – BÜLENT ÇETİN – Groups can be established and used effectively in current free social networks. If a paid system is considered, it will only be successful if it is as follows: Error codes and solutions appearing on the screen in medical devices, how to maintain the devices and which filters need to be changed should be explained with pictures. Apart from this, it can be successful if there is an area where it can be shared which product is sold by which company and which companies are the technical services of the devices.

22.02.2019 – İSMET ARAS – It should be a free website.

07.03.2019 – HAVVA SÖYLEMEZ – First of all, the meaning of the word biomedicine should be taught.

30.03.2019 – ECRİN SAĞSAL – It should be paid and provide access to all kinds of information.

01.04.2019 – MUSTAFA METE – A good initiative. If the emphasis is placed on the manufacturing of medical devices in Turkey, it will be instrumental in our students getting to know this field. In addition, it is our hope that it will be a social networking platform where innovations in the sector, fairs, job postings and trading postings can be shared. We wish you luck.

03.04.2019 – EDA İLERİ AKYAZICI – Such a platform will create the opportunity to meet many needs in this field. Thank you for a successful venture.

04.04.2019 – NEDIM ASLAN – Events and activities should be shared.

19.04.2019 – DİLBER BLACK – Posts supporting exports can be made.

14.05.2019 – YİĞİT CAN KOR – I think not only companies, but also patients' relatives should benefit. If people share their own experiences, others will read them and act accordingly. When we came out of the hospital, we were like fish out of water. We didn't know where to ask. We were missing a lot of information. I don't want anyone to experience what we went through.

28.06.2019 – IŞILAY UZUNCA – There are state supports. But we don't know who will benefit and how. Instructions on these can be shared.

11.08.2019 – URAL KARSLI – It is very difficult to find a decent, conscientious caregiver. Caregivers seeking employment can be shared. Those who refer to them can also write comments. Thus, the one who does his job properly will be obvious.

29.08.2019 – SEYFİ CEM BABAYİĞİT – Medical products are very expensive because they come in foreign currency. It's getting more expensive every day. If there is a list of products and the price is written next to them, everyone can compare and buy according to their budget.

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