82 percent of Havza Mechanical Parking Lot Completed

82 percent of Havza Mechanical Parking Lot Completed
82 percent of Havza Mechanical Parking Lot Completed

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality completed 5 percent of the 82-storey car park construction in Havza district. The car park with a capacity of 340 vehicles will be put into service in May.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality is working at a fast pace to bring an exemplary project to the city. In order to find a permanent solution to the traffic problem, the investments made in the center and districts of Samsun are increasing rapidly. One of those investments is being made in Havza, the center of spa tourism. 5 percent of the 38-storey car park with a capacity of 600 vehicles, with a tender price of 5 million 340 thousand liras, built on an area of ​​82 thousand square meters, has been completed. Curtain isolation and backfilling of the parking lot, whose reinforced concrete production has been completed, continues.


Stating that the physical realization of about 82 percent in the construction of the Havza Mechanical Parking Lot has been completed, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir stated that they have carried out many projects to ease the city traffic, and that the parking lot projects will also make a great contribution to this. President Demir said, “Hopefully, our multi-storey car park will be completed in a short time and will be at the service of our citizens. This region in our Havza district is a place with heavy traffic flow. Our car park, which will have a capacity of 340 vehicles, will reduce this congestion and give you a sigh of relief. Good luck right now," he said.


Providing information about the system, President Demir said, “The 5-storey, 3-floor underground car park will work with a completely mechanical system. In other words, drivers will not look for a place to park their vehicles. The vehicle is parked on a platform fully automatically. In this way, users do not have to search for a parking space. While leaving, the driver receives his vehicle by scanning the card in his hand. This investment is an indication of the importance and value we attach to the people of Havza. Our people deserve the best of everything. We are implementing the projects we started as the Metropolitan Municipality, one by one, and we use all the facilities of our municipality to improve the quality of life of our fellow citizens.

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