8 Thousand Irregular Istanbulkart Uses Detected

8 Thousand Irregular Istanbulkart Uses Detected
8 Thousand Irregular Istanbulkart Uses Detected

Istanbulkart controls have been increased. Personalized cards can only be used by the owner. If the use of someone else's card is detected, cancellation and fines are applied. In the last inspections, 8 thousand irregular uses were detected. While the illegal cards were cancelled, actions were taken against the users.

Detecting that the illegal use of Istanbulkart has become widespread, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) hung warning posters on public transportation vehicles, stations and stops. Visual warnings were made on the screens of IETT buses, metrobus and subways, and audible warnings were made from the announcement systems.

IMM Transportation Department Public Transportation Services Directorate started controls in the area to prevent illegal card use.


In recent months, an average of 8 thousand suspicious transactions per month have been detected with the automation system. While an average of 4 users were informed via SMS every month, 500 thousand cards were temporarily blocked. Card users who were found to be using illegally were also penalized with a monthly blue card fee of 3 liras.

Line-based mobile inspection teams were formed to disseminate physical inspections throughout Istanbul. Inspections initiated at metro stations were also extended to IETT buses.

Warning messages were sent to the phones of the owners of Istanbulkarts, which were found to have been used and made illegally. The cards of the users who were found to have committed the same irregularity for the second time were graylisted.

After repeated improper use, sanctions such as the removal of the card privilege for a certain period of time and the judicial process were also put into effect. In case of improper use of corporate cards, information may be given to the relevant institution and it may be entered in the cardholder's registry.

Istanbulkarts, such as full, discounted, student, free and retired, used in public transportation vehicles, are also printed individually. Each card is issued for the use of the cardholder only, according to the needs. Citizens only need to use their own transportation card. The use of personal cards by someone else constitutes an irregularity.

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