5 Suggestions for Melting Belly Fat

5 Suggestions for Melting Belly Fat
5 Suggestions for Melting Belly Fat

Excess weight, which is caused by regional lubrication in the body, can cause many health problems. A balanced diet and regular exercise should be indispensable for life, especially in order to prevent the formation of fat starting in the belly area. In order to melt the belly, it is important to make changes in eating habits, to sleep for a minimum of 7 hours regularly and to stay away from stress. Dyt. from Memorial Kayseri Hospital Nutrition and Diet Department. Betül Merd gave information about belly melting methods.

Pay attention to the causes of belly fat!

Waist and abdominal fat increases with excessive caloric intake and causes abdominal obesity. Abdominal fat, which occurs due to unbalanced and unhealthy diet, stagnant life, aging and genetic factors, becomes dangerous over time.

While sugary drinks cause excessive calorie intake, they are one of the most important causes of fat around the abdomen and waist. High-calorie corn syrup is used in most of the sugary and carbonated drinks.

Trans fats used in margarines increase belly fat.

Fast food type nutrition has an effect on increasing abdominal fat because it contains trans fat and high calories.

All kinds of processed and packaged industrial foods increase weight gain and belly fat.

Does it matter where the oil is?

As a result of abdominal fat, the working order of the internal organs is disrupted, and the general fat level in the body increases. When evaluating the fat ratio in the body, it is important in which region the fat is. Abdominal fat is more dangerous than fat in other parts of the body. While the ideal weight is determined by calculating the waist and hip ratio in the body, the high ratio of fat in the waist and hip indicates abdominal fatness. Studies have shown that those with lumbar lubrication are more likely to have hip lubrication than those with hip lubrication. Abdominal fat starts from the waist and surrounds the stomach, liver and intestines. Excessive internal lubrication negatively affects general health. On the other hand, when calculating the waist-to-hip ratio, the waist measurement is found by dividing the measurement in centimeters by the hip circumference. The ideal hip ratio should be less than 1 for men and 0,8 for women. If the waist circumference is below 94 centimeters in men and 80 centimeters in women, it is normal, men between 94-102 centimeters are overweight, and those of 102 centimeters and above are obese.

Things to do to melt the belly

It is very important to keep blood sugar under control. By keeping blood sugar under control, belly fat is prevented. Due to the balanced increase and decrease of blood sugar, excessive food consumption does not occur. Weight gain will also not occur due to less food consumed. Sugar and sugary foods should be removed from the daily diet to keep blood sugar balanced.

You should also stay away from carbohydrates that break down quickly in the body. Instead of a carbohydrate-heavy diet, a protein-based diet should be applied. Daily carbohydrate intake should be reduced until the fat rate in the belly area decreases.

Foods that accelerate metabolism should be consumed, and support should be taken from fat-burning herbal teas.

There should be a daily schedule. Sleeping and eating times and going to the toilet should be routine. In this way, the metabolism will work more regularly.

A minimum of 7 hours of sleep should be slept at night, every day. In this way, the hormones will be balanced and the metabolism will be accelerated.

Take advantage of foods that help to melt the belly

Naturally, in order to get rid of the belly, it is necessary to change the eating habits and consume some foods that increase the rate of fat burning. All of these nutrients increase the working speed of metabolism.

Apple cider vinegar: The most basic feature of apple cider vinegar is that it regulates blood sugar and cholesterol. In this way, it minimizes the need for food consumption. It also accelerates metabolism by 20%. Apple cider vinegar consumed at the right time before meals creates a feeling of satiety. However, apple cider vinegar must be organic.

Chia seeds: Used by those who want to lose weight, chia seeds have been consumed a lot in our country for the last 5-6 years. Thanks to chia seeds, which provide a feeling of satiety in terms of nutritional values, the need for consuming food decreases. It also contains natural oils. These oils are very effective in burning fat.

Coconut and its oil: Coconut oil, which is one of the healthy fats, is also used in melting the belly. Coconut oil, which balances the hormones, increases the metabolic rate by ensuring the regular functioning of the thyroid hormone. It also suppresses the desire to consume more food.

Kefir: It contains probiotics that regulate the intestines. The same probiotics also accelerate the fat burning process. If you want to lose belly fat, you should consume kefir regularly every day.

Cabbage, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, broccoli: All these vegetables are healthy. It is recommended to be consumed boiled during diet periods. They are also very beneficial for the body if consumed with olive oil. In addition to all these features, if consumed by those who want to lose belly fat, they provide a quick meltdown of fat.

Chicken with high protein whey: It is necessary to consume protein-rich whey and chicken.

Herbal teas: Many herbal teas containing caffeine, albeit in small amounts, increase the rate of metabolism. Consumption of herbal teas during dieting will increase the metabolic rate by 20%. If consumed regularly during the day, belly fat can be burned.

Grapefruit: Grapefruit, which is a very healthy fruit, is not consumed much because of its slightly bitter taste, but when it comes to fat burning, it takes the lead. It increases the metabolic rate by 30%, especially if it is consumed without additives as fruit juice at breakfast. This increase is not a temporary effect and continues throughout the day.

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