4 Robot Teams from Izmir Travel to America

4 Robot Teams from Izmir Travel to America
4 Robot Teams from Izmir Travel to America

The robot wind that surrounded İzmir throughout the weekend ended yesterday. A total of 31 teams from Turkey and Poland competed for two days in the İzmir Regional Races of the FIRST Robotics Competition. Among the teams evaluated according to their match scores and the projects they produced during the season, 4 of them went to the international tournament in the USA.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, İZELMAN A.Ş. The FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) İzmir Regional Races, organized by the Fikret Yüksel Foundation in the strategic partnership of İZFAŞ and İZFAŞ, ended in Fuarizmir. The teams, which competed by designing their robots within the framework of common rules, also produced ideas that will benefit the society with their social responsibility studies. More than 20 awards, both mechanical and social, were given to the young people who fought fiercely for two days.

Invitation to peace

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Council Member Şamil Sinan An, who attended the award ceremony, said, “Dear young people… Single and free like a tree; brotherly like a forest, this invitation is ours! This invitation is an invitation to peace. Let the guns be silent, let the whole world speak for peace," he said. An said, "We saw that our daughters were in the majority, we were proud" and celebrated the 8 March International Women's Day of the students.

The first four to go to the world championship have been announced

FRC's first regional tournament in Turkey, organized by the Fikret Yuksel Foundation, has come to an end. In line with the goal of Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer to create opportunities for the development of young people, four teams have the right to participate in the international championship held in Houston, USA on April 20-23 at the FRC, which was held for the first time in Izmir. kazanwas.

Izmirli Team Travels to America in Robot Races

12 teams will come out of Turkey

First of all, the 4th Dimension (İzmir Bahçeşehir Science and Technology High School) received the “Chairman's Award”, the most prestigious award of the competition, representing the tangible values ​​of the FIRST mission. kazanwas. X-Sharc (SEV American College), Sneaky Snakes (Community Team), ConquEra (Manisa Bahçeşehir Science and Technology High School) teams took their place in the first four to represent Turkey in America. After two regional tournaments to be held in Istanbul, a total of 12 teams will enter the international championship.

“Our expectation is that students discover themselves in the study process”

Fikret Yüksel Foundation Turkey Representative Ayşe Selçok Kaya stated that they are very happy to have brought this tournament to their country and said, “Our expectation is for students to discover themselves during the study process. If a student has learned something new, whether it's technical or social, engineering or even just discovering what they like or don't like, that's the most important achievement for us. We have said goodbye to many students from here happily. It was very enjoyable. It is a special honor to have started the program I graduated from in Turkey. We started with one team, we grew to over 100 teams. We are happy and proud,” she said.

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