Citizen's Canal Istanbul Ordeal: First Deeds Distributed, Then Exile

Citizen's Canal Istanbul ordeal First Deeds Distributed, Then Exile
Citizen's Canal Istanbul ordeal First Deeds Distributed, Then Exile

The residents of Şahintepe Mahallesi on the Kanal Istanbul route were faced with the decision of exile within the scope of the zoning plan approved by the ministry, shortly after receiving their title deeds. Neighborhood residents rebelled against the situation by saying, 'We are not after rent, we are not saying let's be trillions, but don't disturb our order'.

The first step in the controversial Kanal Istanbul Project, which is described as a "Crazy" project by some and a "Betrayal" project by others, was taken that directly affected the citizens of the region.

SözcüAccording to Yusuf Demir from , exile messages were sent to citizens in Şahintepe Mahallesi of Başakşehir district of Yenişehir, which will be established around the canal. The process of taking 1800 families from their homes and sending them to Arnavutköy Hacımaşlı began.


The title deed problem, which has been going on for years in the neighborhood, which is located on the part connecting the Sazlıdere Dam Basin, which is the 3rd phase of the 'Canal Istanbul Project', to Küçükçekmece Lake was resolved a short time ago.

The zoning application prepared in accordance with the provisions of Article 18 of the Zoning Law in the building blocks within the boundaries of Şahintepe District was approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization on 11 December 2020.

The people of the neighborhood, who were happy last month when the title deed was given, learned that they would be removed from the neighborhood with the decision of exile and the SMS messages they received.

Citizens believe that issuing title deeds is a procedure that must be followed in order to confiscate their land and homes.

MUHTAR: Title deeds have been distributed, 20 days have passed, they said 'we're moving you'

Şahintepe Neighborhood Mukhtar Hüseyin Uçar summarized the process they went through and the reactions of the neighborhood residents as follows:

Our individual title deeds began to be distributed. They divided them into regions as K1, K2, K3. It's been 20 days. A new suspension process has begun. They said, “We are moving those who remain in the K2 region to Arnavutköy…

In Başakşehir Municipality, SMS messages came in the same direction.


The suspension process will end on February 15. Neighborhood residents are currently submitting their appeal petitions. The legal process continues, and we are following it. If it is approved at the end of the suspension process, how the process will work, what the neighborhood's house and garden will be, there is no explanation about these...
Kanal Istanbul will be built, it is a state project, we are not against it, but do not make us victims like this. He says you can show an equivalent place in the law. Why are you sending us to other places? We have families here, we have neighbors, we have order.

As the people of the neighborhood, we say; Explain the conditions under which you will transport us… First of all, we want to stay in our own homes. No, there are places available in our neighborhood, you can place them here... No, you can give us our money.


I have lived here since 1995. our here Halkalı While it was called a garbage dump, while we were closing our noses because of the smell as we passed, we built houses here, brought infrastructure, etc. However, while our environment was developing, we were stuck with the construction. There are villas and palaces right next to us. Şahintepe has always been under construction. There are always question marks about why he hangs out.

Şahintepe is actually a mosaic of Turkey… There are people from every province except for two provinces. But we can live together. In fact, we do not want this neighborhood to be divided. But we are like part of a family. Everyone gets to know each other and greets each other. There is the air of a town in Anatolia here…

We are fine that way. We're not after profits. After all, when we came here, we didn't come here to let Kanal Istanbul pass and be worth a trillion dollars. Most of us have escaped from terrorism, perhaps from unemployment. In those conditions, he built a house here and started to live…


Şahintepe Mahallesi is located in the area called Resneli Farm. It is a neighborhood that emerged with the migrations that started in the 1980s. According to official figures, 33 thousand people live in the neighborhood.


The plans for the Kanal Istanbul Project were terminated in front of the bottleneck between the hill where Yarımburgaz Cave is located, which is considered one of the first settlements in history, and Şahintepe. For a long time, there was no clarity in the plans for the 3-kilometer section of the canal. With the final decision, it was understood that the canal would pass from the bottom of the Yarımburgaz Cave, through the Şahintepe settlement area.

90 meters will be excavated

The neighborhood, which is located at an altitude of 70-80 meters above sea level, will be excavated approximately 90 meters and excavated to approximately 20 meters below sea level.

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