Ukraine Bayraktar Destroyed Russian Convoy with TB2 SİHA

Ukraine Bayraktar Destroyed Russian Convoy with TB2 SİHA
Ukraine Bayraktar Destroyed Russian Convoy with TB2 SİHA

In the video released by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Bayraktar shared the moments when TB2 SİHAs targeted the convoy of the Russian army near Chornobaivka in the Kherson region. Ukraine is specifically targeting supply units against Russian troops. In this way, it is aimed to disable the attack element or the elements carrying the military.

Vehicles abandoned by many Russian soldiers in the region are shared on social media.

Ukraine is actively using the TB-2 SİHAs bought from Turkey. Previously, it was seen that the Russian tanks were covered with iron in the form of a grid, with this aiming to protect the tanks against the Mam-l fired from the TB-2, but the images from the region show the destroyed Russian tanks despite this method.

In a statement of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine: “During the day, the invaders lost three Su-30SMs, 11 helicopters, two Su-25s, two IL-76MDs, two logistics trains. The Air Force and our air defense continue to inflict significant losses on the invaders' aircraft, armored vehicles and manpower. The Russian occupation forces lost at least 11 different helicopters today, three Su-30SM fighter jets, two Su-25 attack aircraft, and Il-76MD military transport vehicles carrying the invaders' paratroopers. Enemy troops were destroyed by the Su-27 fighter, the S300 and the BUK M1 air defense system. Su-24M bomber belonging to the Ukrainian Air Force struck 20 military equipment convoys in one incident. The logistics wagons that provided fuel to the occupants on the railway were destroyed by Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aerial vehicle. Believe in the Armed forces of Ukraine! Death to the enemies!” statements were included.

Source: defenceturk

Günceleme: 28/02/2022 12:35

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