Üçay Group is Ready to Equip Turkey with Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Üçay Group is Ready to Equip Turkey with Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Üçay Group is Ready to Equip Turkey with Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

World-renowned manufacturer of electrical and industrial power management systems, EATON, announced that it would work with Üçay Group, one of the leading companies in Turkey, for electric vehicle charging station solutions. Providing service in 81 provinces and hundreds of locations in Turkey, Üçay Group aims to expand its fast charging stations all over the country.

With the acceleration of the TOGG project, the infrastructure of fast charging stations, which Turkey needs for electric vehicles, started to be discussed. Üçay Group, which has 81 branches and hundreds of dealers in 56 provinces of Turkey, announced that it has completed its preparations for the widespread use of electric charging stations throughout the country by making an agreement with the world-renowned power management company Eaton.

With the agreement signed last October, Üçay Group became the sole authority in the sales and service of charging stations for electric vehicles.

Ucay Group is Ready to Equip Turkey with Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


Reminding that the designs were revealed in the TOGG project and that production will begin in the first quarter of 2023, Üçay Group CEO Turan Şakacı said, “As electric vehicles become widespread, investments in charging stations, which are essential for the use of electric vehicles, have started to increase. Although the number of charging stations has increased with the investments made, they are not enough yet. After the agreement we signed with Eaton, we started to bring electric charging stations, which are vital for electric vehicles, to our country. We will undertake all sales and after-sales representation.” he said.


Stating that Turkey does not need foreign resources for electric charging station investments, Turan Şakacı said, “Eaton is a world-leading company in electric charging stations, we see that foreign investors see the electric vehicle potential in Turkey and are preparing to invest for it. However, Turkey can establish electric charging stations all over the country with its own resources. By making the world's most efficient products in this field available, we allow Turkish investors to act comfortably in this area.


Emphasizing that electric vehicles will transform the automotive industry similar to the rise of mobile phones in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Turan Şakacı said, “The fact that Turkey realized the transformation at the very beginning and made investments in this direction strengthens our belief that the transformation to electric vehicles will take place faster in our country. With this belief, as Üçay Group, we aim to increase the number of electric charging stations with an initial investment of 2022 million dollars for 1. We have the technical infrastructure, service support, product and will that will enable the establishment of stations all over Turkey, starting with our big cities.”

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