Turkish Cargo Unified All Its Operational Processes in the New House SMARTIST

Turkish Cargo Unified All Its Operational Processes in the New House SMARTIST
Turkish Cargo Unified All Its Operational Processes in the New House SMARTIST

Raising the bar for success day by day by combining the wide flight network surrounding the continents with Turkey's unique geographical advantage, Turkish Cargo has combined all of its air cargo transportation activities at its Mega Cargo Facility SMARTIST.

With the opening of Istanbul Airport in April 2019, Turkish Cargo carried its cargo activities on passenger flights here, and continued its cargo plane operations at Atatürk Airport. The air cargo brand moved its cargo plane activities to the Mega Cargo Facility at Istanbul Airport with a 72-hour transit operation, with its infrastructure fully ready. Saying goodbye to Atatürk Airport with this major relocation, Turkish Cargo will carry out all its future operational processes from SMARTIST, the new center of air cargo logistics.

We are ready for the future like never before with our new home, SMARTIST.

Turkish Airlines Deputy General Manager (Cargo) Turhan Özen, regarding the start of SMARTIST's full capacity operation; “For the past 3 years, we have conducted a very serious operation in both our hubs. We used the capacity of our cargo planes at Atatürk Airport, and our passenger planes and paxfre* capacity at Istanbul Airport. We have carried out approximately 23 thousand flights, 6 thousand of which with our cargo planes and 30 thousand as paxfre, and we have carried more than 2,5 million tons of air cargo, of which 1,8 million tons from Atatürk Airport and 4 million tons from Istanbul Airport.

Now, without compromising our service quality, we are combining our air cargo activities, which we have successfully carried out as a "dual hub", under one roof at Istanbul Airport. As Turkish Cargo, Turkey's air cargo bridge, we are ready for the future like never before with our new home, SMARTIST, which is equipped with autonomous and robotic systems.” used the phrases.

It will be the new center of world logistics

Designed to be the largest industrial building under a single roof at Istanbul Airport, SMARTIST will have reached an annual capacity of 340.000 million tons on an area of ​​4 square meters when all phases are completed. Equipped with smart technologies such as Augmented Reality, Automatic Storage Systems, Robotic Process Automation and Unmanned Land Vehicles, the facility will carry Turkish Cargo's unique service quality much further in terms of operational speed and quality. This mega facility will also underline Istanbul's continent-spanning location and will be an excellent gateway for trade between East and West. Thus, most of the air cargo traffic in the world will be drawn to the new hub at Istanbul Airport, and Istanbul will be transformed into the logistics center of the world.

80 different types of 4125 equipment were transported

Within the scope of the final transit operation, which Turkish Cargo, TGS and the top managers of the carrier company followed instantly from the Transition Management Center established at Atatürk Airport, 50 flights were carried out with 160 trucks. In the operation, in which the trucks covered a distance of approximately 16 thousand kilometers, which corresponds to the distance between Turkey and New Zealand, 80 different types of 4125 equipment belonging to TGS and Turkish Cargo were transported from Atatürk Airport to Istanbul Airport.

Farewell flight to Atatürk Airport

Turkish Cargo planes, which took off for the last time from Atatürk Airport, which has hosted Turkey's flag carrier Turkish Airlines for 89 years, landed at Istanbul Airport after completing their international route. After the move, Turkish Cargo said goodbye to Atatürk Airport with the ISL-KRT (Atatürk Airport - Khartoum, Sudan) flight numbered TK330 with an Airbus 6455F aircraft.

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