Taiwanese Turkish Artist in NFT World with 'Hiromita' Character

Taiwanese Turkish Artist in NFT World with 'Hiromita' Character
Taiwanese Turkish Artist in NFT World with 'Hiromita' Character

The “Hiromita” collection, created by contemporary female artist Melek Anqi with inspiration from her Far Eastern roots, was presented to art lovers around the world. Four works from the collection, which started to be exhibited on the “Rarible” crypto platform with BBProjecTT curation, found buyers for $10.000 worth of Ethereum in January.

Also known in the Far East, Turkish origin Taiwanese digital artist Melek Anqi Kocasinan has created the character "Hiromita" special to the NFT world. The Hiromita collection was inspired by the artist's Asian roots. The artist brought a contemporary interpretation to the cat-shaped sacred statues, like tigers, placed on the roofs of houses in some parts of Asia, protecting them from evil.

The first 100 works of the “Hiromita” collection, which consists of 16 unique NFTs, started to be exhibited on the Rarible platform in January with BBProjecTT curation. Each piece in the series of remarkable digital paintings and animations was hand-drawn by the artist. Three digital paintings and one animation from the series were purchased by international crypto art collectors for $10.000.


Angel Anqi reinterpreted the traditional statues called “Tiger on the Roof”, which are said to eat ghosts with their fearsome teeth and bring fertility. The artist created Hiromita as a character who eats the void inside the contemporary person and reminds us to connect with each other through digital screens.

In the works, Hiromita's reference to the audience "I eat your void" draws attention. The words “Love” and “Gold” that come out with arrows from Hiromita also invite the audience to question our current reality by referring to the real love that is tried to be captured in the virtual environment and to precious metals such as gold in an environment where money is increasingly virtual/crypto. Ironically, digital entity Hiromita, who wants to connect with us through our screens, explores the possibility of being a real presence in this increasingly digital environment.


The character of Hiromita, in the words of the artist, is “a pain of healing, our longing to integrate with others without losing ourselves, without 'over-adapting'. The Hiromita series questions the pain of not belonging and being left out with a colorful, funny character who wants to be involved. Lack of belonging and disconnection in relationships are among the biggest problems of our age. In addition, our lives have become completely digital with the pandemic. With the pandemic process, we have been more involved in digital platforms that have transformed the way we learn, communicate and connect. Hiromita invites us to think about our digital and physical lives, as she was born from such a platform and wants to establish a real connection in our increasingly digital world, where our presence in the metaverse can become more important than our physical presence.”


BBProjecTT Gallery founding partners Balkız and Beliz İnal expressed that they want to combine BBProjecTT's vision of high art with the world of NFT: “The original digital files of the museum quality limited edition diasec prints of Melek Anqi's digital works have been requested as NFT for a while. We will continue our NFT series, which we started with the Hiromita series, with Melek Anqi's “Glow-in-the-Dark” and shamanic “Journey of the Seed” series, which attracted attention from Turkish and international collectors. For this purpose, we continue our cooperation negotiations with different platforms. Project-based large-scale NFTs that don't focus on the arts are currently the most newsworthy in the NFT world. In addition, an increasing number of successful photography and digital artists have begun to sell and enter important collections in the NFT world. The interest of traditional art collectors in digital works presented as NFT is also increasing. At the same time, successful people in the NFT and crypto world began to take an interest in art collecting. As the artists we know from the traditional art markets begin to make a presence in the NFT world, we anticipate that the quality of the artworks presented as NFT in the market will increase as well.”


The first part of the Hiromita collection was presented to art lovers digitally on the Rarible platform in January. Art lovers who receive the works as NFT will be able to display these crypto artworks on digital screens in their homes and offices. Art lovers who want to take the physical form of the work, on the other hand, can add one limited diasec print in museum quality, which best reflects the brightness of the digital screen, to their collection in the BBProjecTT gallery, which represents the artist. Since each work has only one NFT and a diasec print, two options are offered to the collector as traditional and crypto art.

NFTs of the Hiromita collection can be viewed on Rarible at rarible.com/hiromita.

About Angel Anqi

Taiwanese Turkish artist Melek Anqi Kocasinan, known in Turkey and the Far East for her collages combining the physical and digital worlds, has been continuing her artistic works with BBProjecTT Gallery since 2021. She participated in fairs and international group exhibitions such as Artweeks Akaretler, Contemporary Istanbul, IAAF Istanbul and BAAF Bodrum Art Fair, and solo shows under the sponsorship of institutions such as the Global Federation of Chinese Business Women (GFCBW), CIYO. The artist, who started primary school in Taiwan and completed his education at Bilkent in Turkey and UCLA and Yale University in the USA, discovered his interest in painting while drawing Chinese fonts in Taiwan. The artist, who met Asian art at a young age under the influence of his Turkish father who paints traditional Chinese paintings and his Taiwanese mother who is a master in Chinese calligraphy, is also influenced by Taiwan's visual popular culture full of colorful packaging, comics and anime characters. Melek Anqi, who studied painting from the painter Nuala Clarke in New York and fashion design / illustration training at the ESMOD International Fashion Academy, in her works, under the influence of Asian and North American cultures, the two-dimensional figurative abstraction style of Asian art, vibrant colors, thick calligraphic lines, Japanese contemporary art movement supeflat and neo-pop art influences are seen. Making use of psychoanalytic and shamanic sources and his own multi-cultural life experiences, the artist uses physical and digital tools together to produce works that can be called "physical-digital art" and try to cross the border between physical and virtual realities. She tells attractive visual stories by synthesizing the texture and human-likeness of materials such as paint, paper and fabric, the bright colors of digital art and the possibilities that bring different worlds together. The artist who has news and interviews in such places as Robb Report, Elle, CNA, Anadolu Agency, United Daily News Group, Istanbul Art Magazine, Art Emperor, MSN News, PC Home Taiwan, Taiwan Ministry of Culture, Hürriyet, Sabah, Para Magazine, Report Mag He continues his work in Turkey now.

BBProjecTT Art Gallery

Balkız İnal and Beliz İnal, who grew up in the light of poet and art writer Gülseli İnal's knowledge and experience of more than forty years, have institutionalized their works under the name of BBprojecTT with the vision of High Art, Trust and Quality and continue their artistic activities under three main headings: 1. Contemporary and Modern Plastic Arts 2. Music Production and Festival Organizations 3. Film Production and Script Production.

What is NFT?

NFT, which has become increasingly popular in the world of finance and art, stands for 'Non-Fungible Token'. It can be translated as “Non-Exchangeable Token/Money”. NFTs exist on the blockchain just like other cryptocurrencies. NFT proves digital ownership of an asset that may have collectible value. A work of art, video, images can be NFTs when they meet the necessary conditions. NFTs are designed and encoded differently on the blockchain. This feature makes them unique and unchangeable.

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