'Hair Stories' in Historical Cistern

'Hair Stories' in Historical Cistern
'Hair Stories' in Historical Cistern

Bebek Cistern, which was restored and transformed into an art gallery by IMM, hosts works inspired by the story of women who have been subjected to violence. Artist Yasemin Güzel's exhibition titled 'Stories from Hair' draws attention to violence against women through contemporary art. The gallery, which started to host its guests on February 19, can be visited free of charge until June 31.

The historical Bebek Cistern, which was restored by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and met with art lovers in September 2021, is meeting with its visitors with its second exhibition. The 'Hair Stories' exhibition, which consists of works produced by artist Yasemin Güzel focusing on violence against women, is based on the view that art makes the ignored phenomena visible. It draws attention to the gender inequality that lies at the root of this violence.

The exhibition, based on the story of women who have been exposed to violence in different ways at every stage of their lives, will be open to visitors at Bebek Cistern Gallery until 31 June 2022.


The 8.5-meter 'Road Rosary' is featured in the 'Stories from Hair' exhibition. This work, which started with Yasemin Güzel cutting her own hair, was created with the support of women from all over Turkey with similar stories. This 'rosary', which is the product of the artist's 6-year work and consists of the hair of 5 women who have been subjected to psychological and physical violence, meets the audience as both a part of their story and its narrator.

The exhibition also includes an area where visitors can write and share their stories with a piece of their own hair.


Taking its name from the district in which it is located, Bebek Cistern was a little-known and neglected part of the city's cultural heritage. The cistern, which was meticulously restored by the IMM, was opened to the use of the people of Istanbul as an art venue on September 29, 2021.

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