Search and Rescue Exercise by Gendarme in Denizli Ski Center

Search and Rescue Exercise by Gendarme in Denizli Ski Center
Search and Rescue Exercise by Gendarme in Denizli Ski Center

The Gendarmerie Search and Rescue (JAK) team in Denizli Ski Center conducted a drill for events that may occur in the region.

Gendarmerie Search and Rescue (JAK) teams working in Denizli Ski Center continue their vigil against possible injuries, entrapment and disappearances in the ski resort located in Bozdağ with an altitude of 2 thousand 420 in Tavas district Nikfer District.
JAK teams, specially trained for search and rescue operations to be carried out in all kinds of climatic conditions and natural disasters, work against adverse situations every year.

Using snowmobiles and ski equipment, teams perform search and rescue, first aid and evacuation studies in terrain conditions up to 5 degrees below zero.

Gendarmerie commando teams are also given training on what to do against bad scenarios. Employees are shown with applications how to find someone who is under an avalanche.

Injured Tourist Rescued According to the Scenario

As per the scenario within the scope of the exercise, a tourist who called the 112 Emergency Call Center on the phone reported that he fell and was injured after going for a walk.

Determining the tourist's position in the ski resort, the JAK team took action. Reaching the area on snow-covered motorcycles, the teams then descended to the place where the injured were on a stretcher, thanks to the rope station they set up.

The teams, who made the first aid to the injured person on the sloping land, carried him to the stretcher. The teams then pulled this person up and took him to the safe area. The team of 4 people, who took the ski teams, went down to the center with the injured, thanks to the help of the arm they tied to the stretcher.

The exercise ended after the injured was carried to the ambulance on a stretcher on the back of the motorcycle.

Tourist Stuck in Chairlift Evacuated

In another exercise carried out by the teams at the center, the skier who was stuck on the chairlift was reached quickly.

Tim, who came to the scene and took security measures first, then went up to the chairlift pole. The team installed the pulley system and reached the guest on the chairlift seat with the help of a rope.

The person, who was lowered from a height of 15 meters with a safety rope facility system, was taken from the runway after first aid and transferred to the hospital.

Avalanche Finds Tourist, Search and Rescue Dog

The Gendarmerie search and rescue dog was sent to the region for a tourist caught under an avalanche.

The dog, who received instructions from his trainer, immediately began to search the snow surface. After a while, the dog started to react by detecting the place where the hole was completely covered with snow.

Thereupon, the JAK team immediately dug the snow with their shovels and pulled the casualty out of the place where he was stuck.

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