Pigeon Beauty Contest Becomes the Stage of Colorful Images

Pigeon Beauty Contest Becomes the Stage of Colorful Images
Pigeon Beauty Contest Becomes the Stage of Colorful Images

An international 'Pigeon Beauty Contest' was held in the city by Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality. Nearly 81 pigeons competed in the competition, which included participation from 8 provinces and 3 countries of Turkey.

The 1st International Pigeon Beauty Contest, organized jointly by the Metropolitan Municipality of Şanlıurfa, Haliliye, Eyyübiye, Karaköprü Municipality and Pigeon Lovers Association and held at the Şanlıurfa Fair Center, witnessed colorful images.

Pigeon enthusiasts from countries such as Qatar, Dubai, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands participated in the 1st International Pigeon Beauty Contest, which brings together the easternmost, westernmost, northernmost and southernmost parts of Turkey in Şanlıurfa.


Hundreds of pigeon fanciers gathered in front of Şanlıurfa Fair Center and had fun with the folk dance performance. With the arrival of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Mayor Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül, thousands of pigeons were released into the sky to stop the ongoing war and tears between Russia and Ukraine and to end the war. President Beyazgül released a white dove and watched it flap its wings to freedom.


Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül said: “There are participants from all 81 provinces and 8 foreign countries, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Dubai, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Qatar. We want our citizens to see the birds here in the competition, which takes place in a festival atmosphere. We will continue such competitions in the coming years. The pigeon is part of our family, part of our life. There was a bird exchange in the old Urfa houses. Each of these is a work of art. You can go to the old “Urfa Houses” to see these works of art.

Mayor of Haliliye, Mehmet Canpolat, stated that the environment was very nice and there was a mingling. Saying that they believe that this unity and solidarity will result in mercy and blessings, Canpolat wished success to everyone participating in the competition.
Şanlıurfa Fleet Pigeon Lovers Association President Abut Demirkan and Association Board Member Nusret Nimetoğlu thanked Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül for their great efforts in the organization of the competition and everyone who contributed.

Among the pigeons competing in various categories in the 1st Şanlıurfa International Pigeon Beauty Contest, the armored damask bird worth 700 thousand TL won the prize, and its owner, Gökhan Göğüş from Gaziantep. He said that he did not sell the armored damask bird, which he looked after like a son of Göğüş, although they offered 700 thousand liras to him.

Each of the pigeons that appeared in the competition was selected first in their own characteristics. Jury members evaluated the birds according to their small eyes, eyebrows, short nose, full head, beard, light color, thin bar, neck spacing, bleeding and cheek features and rewarded the winners.

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