Patient Flamingo Will Regain Health

Patient Flamingo Will Regain Health
Patient Flamingo Will Regain Health

Small Animal Polyclinic of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Veterinary Services Branch also extended a helping hand to the sick flamingo. The flamingo, which was treated by veterinarians, will be released to nature after recovery.

Kulturpark Small Animal Polyclinic, which is affiliated to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Veterinary Services Branch Directorate, where stray animals are treated and taken care of, embraces wild animals and birds as well as cats and dogs. The last patient of the polyp was a flamingo. The flamingo, which could not migrate because it could not fly, was found by a sensitive citizen in Çeşme and delivered to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality veterinarians.

Veterinarian Ceren Kaplan, who carried out the first controls and treated the sick flamingo, said, “The flamingo has friction wounds because it cannot fly due to weakness and malnutrition. We will apply a treatment that will last for a week and ten days. When it becomes self-feeding, we will bring it to nature from İzmir Natural Life Park. By this season, flamingos would have already migrated. If the bird does not feel ready to migrate, it can stay. This may also be related to its development. We will do what is necessary and bring the flamingo back to health," he said.

After the flamingo treatment, it will be released into the nature.

Günceleme: 06/02/2022 11:32

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