Pandemic Explodes Motorcycle Sales

Pandemic Explodes Motorcycle Sales

Pandemic Explodes Motorcycle Sales

Along with the pandemic, the tendency of people to turn to fast, safe and economical transportation and the need for package service have made the use of motorcycles widespread. According to TUIK data, as of December 2021, while there were 3,7 million motorcycles in traffic, motorcycle sales in the first 12 months of the year increased by 22,78% to 255 units.

With the effect of the pandemic, one of the first choices of those who turned to the search for new transportation vehicles was motorcycles. While more than 2002 million motorcycles were on the road in 1, this figure has increased nearly 2021 times in the last 20 years and reached 4 million 3 thousand 744 units, according to December 409 data of TUIK (Turkish Statistical Institute). While the announced figures point out that 2021 thousand 255 motorcycles were sold in Turkey in the whole of 961, Bajaj, which operates in India in the same period, continued its claim in the sports segment on the basis of price-performance. Doubling its sales in Turkey last year, Bajaj became the leader in the sports segment with a market share of 32,3%.

“The motorcycle is a safe, healthy and means of transportation that opens up freedom”

Ekrem Ata, Marketing Manager of Kuralkan Motorcycle Vehicles Turkey, which has a wide range of products such as ATVs, Scooters and electric motorcycles in addition to motorcycles, stated that the motorcycle industry met a new target audience during the pandemic period, which they did not know before and did not know about their expectations and needs. It was better understood how safe and healthy the motorcycle is as a means of transportation that creates an area of ​​individual freedom. The sector, which grew by 2020% in 34,81, especially with the exponential increase in the need for package services in the commercial sense, closed this rate by reaching 2021% in 22,78.

Sport models are on the rise in motorcycles!

Expressing that the increasing e-commerce volume due to completely changing purchasing habits during the pandemic period, further strengthened the rising trend in motorcycle sales, Ekrem Ata said: “Motorcycle sales increased by 22,78% in all segments over the past year. This increase was 50% in electric and 27,8 cc models, and 50% in models over 18 cc. A total of 2021 motorcycles were sold in 255. The figures show that the priority segment that introduced motorcycles to those who prefer alternative and healthy transportation in this process was motorcycles in the 961-0 cc range, which is defined as the entry level. The next step was the sport segment motorcycles, which was the next step for the users who were introduced to the motorcycle, developed themselves in motorcycle use, and could not give up on the comfort offered by the motorcycle, thanks to the products in this segment. Positioning the motorcycle as the primary means of transportation, this group has gravitated more towards products in the sports segment due to its technical advantages, engine volume, safety advantages, comfort, aesthetics and maneuverability. At this point, Bajaj, which has been one of the three most preferred brands since 50 when it entered the sector, will continue to dominate the sports segment, which is expected to grow day by day, as the leader of its segment with its 2014% share in 2021.”

“We are one of the most preferred brands in the national and international market”

Ekrem Ata, Turkey Marketing Manager of Bajaj, which reaches consumers with the assurance of Kuralkan, the producer of the Kanuni brand and its Turkey distributor, concluded his words as follows: brought a new breath to the industry. We never compromise on quality in production. That's why we are among the most preferred brands in the national and international markets at the moment. We continue our services all over Turkey. We have a great share in the development of motorcycle culture. In addition to affordable prices, we give priority to customer satisfaction with various discounts and campaigns and offer alternatives according to all kinds of needs and budgets. Especially with the motorcycle platform, which we have been commissioning since 2019, we offer great convenience to our customers, and we deliver to every point of our country in a short time without any problems with all kinds of payment options. We are happy to be the address of safe shopping in e-commerce with this application, which is a first in Turkey.”

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