Mars Logistics Closed 2021 with a Turnover of 4 Billion TL

Mars Logistics Closed 2021 with a Turnover of 4 Billion TL
Mars Logistics Closed 2021 with a Turnover of 4 Billion TL

Mars Logistics continued its sustainable growth and closed 2021 with a turnover of 4 Billion TL. Garip Sahillioğlu, Chairman of the Board of Mars Logistics, stated that their sustainable growth has continued since they were founded in 1989, and by 2022, they have become a group company that provides all logistics services with 1.978 employees, a total of 31 branches and logistics centers in Turkey and abroad.

Stating that they completed the year 2021 with a growth of 28.4% on a Euro basis as they had targeted and that they achieved this growth with the right investments, Sahillioğlu said, “We have targeted a 2022% growth on a Euro basis in 10 as well. We serve approximately 8 thousand customers per year. As the sectors and customers differ, the demands and therefore our business models and the services we provide also change and become richer. Our goal is to offer all our customers a partnership that will enable them to do their jobs flawlessly.”

Mars Logistics Closed the Year with Billion TL Turnover

€ 36 million investment in the fleet

Mars Logistics, which has one of the youngest and largest fleets in Europe, continued its fleet investments of 2.700 self-owned vehicles last year as well. Sahillioğlu said, “We maintain the importance we attach to the environment when choosing the vehicles we use in road transport. We serve with our fleet of Euro 6 vehicles with low carbon emissions. We continue our mission of environmentally friendly transportation with the fleet investments we make every year.” said.

Investing € 2021 million in its fleet in 20, Mars Logistics will continue its fleet investments in 2022 and will invest € 36,2 million.

19% increase in the number of employees

Increasing the number of employees by 2021% in 19, Mars Logistics plans to increase this number by 2022% in 10. The hybrid operating system, which started in 2020, will continue in 2022. Sahillioğlu said, “Due to the rapidly developing logistics sector and the sustainable growth of our company, the number of people in our expert staff is increasing day by day. We foresee an employment increase of 2022% in 10”.

“Intermodal and rail transport is the most important topic in our 2022 agenda”

last year Halkalı – Mars Logistics, which implemented the Kolin line, currently in Trieste – Bettembourg, Halkalı – Duisburg, Halkalı – It provides intermodal transportation services with Kolin lines.

Sahillioğlu stated that they prefer intermodal and railway transportation models because they are sustainable, environmentally friendly and reliable, and said, “The most important topic in our 2022 agenda will be intermodal and rail transportation. We will increase the share of intermodal and railway transportation in our business volume with our new investments and lines that we will announce very soon.” said.

A better future with sustainability practices

Stating that they plan by putting sustainability first in new projects, Sahillioğlu stated that they focus on sustainable alternatives in projects that have already started and continued, and said, “As Mars Logistics, sustainability policies have been an indispensable part of our business processes. We aim to contribute to nature and society with every step we take or will take in this field. We are working for a better future with our current practices and new goals.” said.

Sahillioğlu summarized the sustainability practices at Mars Logistics as follows: “We integrate the sustainability approach into all processes of the company. Our environmental impacts; we manage in the fields of waste management, energy efficiency and reduction of CO2 emissions. We meet the energy needs of our facility with our Hadımköy Logistics Center Rooftop Solar Power Plant project, and the landscape and fire water needs of our facility with our rain water harvesting project. All vehicles in our fleet, which consists of 2.700 self-owned vehicles, are at Euro 6 level. With our documentless office portal, we carry out all our financial processes digitally. We prefer equipment and methods that will save energy in our warehouses, we use paper pallets made of recycled paper instead of wooden pallets.”

Mars Will Keep Saying "Equality Has No Gender"

Conducting studies on Gender Equality, one of the Sustainable Development Goals determined by the United Nations, with the Equality Has No Gender project at the beginning of 2021, Mars Logistics will continue to work and defend equality in 2022.

Within the scope of the project, the Equality Has No Gender project group, consisting of Mars Logistics employees, carries out awareness studies by collaborating with appropriate non-governmental organizations inside and outside the company.

Sahillioğlu said, “One of the pillars of the project, which we aimed to extend to the entire operation of the company, was to add increasing female employment to our strategic plan. In 2021, 98 female colleagues joined us.” Believing that gender is not the criterion of whether a job can be done well or not, Mars Logistics hired 2 female truck drivers while employing a truck driver, a first within the company.

Young drivers join the industry with Mars Driver Academy

For young people who are interested in truck driving but do not have the necessary training and documents, the Mars Driver Academy, which was launched in 2021, started its training processes. New admissions to the academy will continue in 2022.

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