İzmir Prepares for Buca Metro Groundbreaking Ceremony

İzmir Prepares for Buca Metro Groundbreaking Ceremony

İzmir Prepares for Buca Metro Groundbreaking Ceremony

İzmir is counting down the days for the biggest investment in its history, the Buca Metro. The foundation of the Buca Metro will be laid on Monday, February 14, with a ceremony attended by CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu. Minister Tunç Soyer“There are many ways to show love. We are coming with Buca Metro, the biggest gift," he said.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to give a big gift to the city on Valentine's Day. The foundation of Buca Metro, the largest rail system investment in the history of the city, will be laid with a ceremony on February 14. The President of the Republican People's Party (CHP) Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu will attend the ceremony. Buca Metro will be built with the economic power of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

Expressing that they are counting the days for the groundbreaking ceremony of the 13,5-kilometer metro line, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer He shared on his social media accounts, “We want to show our love for Buca on February 14th. There are many ways to show love. We are coming with Buca Metro, the biggest gift," he said.

Zeynep Bastik has a concert

The groundbreaking ceremony of Buca Metro will be held at Şirinyer ESHOT Garage (Cemil Şeboy Caddesi) behind Şirinyer Pazaryeri at 17.00. After the ceremony, the artist Zeynep Bastık will give a concert. In the area where Çamlıkule Station will be located, the excavation of the Buca Metro will begin. During the ceremony, excavation images will be simultaneously projected onto the screen.

Buca's traffic problem is solved

When Buca Metro is put into service, transportation between Buca and Üçyol will become easier. University students' access to Dokuz Eylul University Tınaztepe Campus will be relieved. Buca Metro will also breathe life into Izmir traffic.

12 billion lira giant investment

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality signed an external financing agreement worth 250 million Euros with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in July and the French Development Agency (AFD) in November for the Üçyol-Buca Metro line. An authorization agreement was signed with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) for 125 million Euros and with the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank (BSTDB) for 115 million Euros. Thus, an international investment of 490 million Euros was brought to the city.

Gülermak Ağır Sanayi İnşaat ve Taahhüt A.Ş. was awarded in the tender, in which many companies and consortiums competed for the construction of Buca Metro. It undertook the construction of tunnels and stations by bidding 3 billion 921 million 498 thousand TL. In fact, Buca Metro, which is planned to cost 765 million Euros with trains to run, will be the largest investment in the history of the city in the field of rail systems, with a cost of approximately 12 billion liras.

It will provide driverless service.

The line, which forms the 5th stage of the İzmir Light Rail System, will serve between Üçyol Station - Dokuz Eylül University Tınaztepe Campus-Çamlıkule. The length of the line, which will be passed through a deep tunnel using the TBM machine, will be 13,5 kilometers and will consist of 11 stations. Starting with Üçyol, the line will include Zafertepe, Bozyaka, General Asım Gündüz, Şirinyer, Buca Municipality, Kasaplar, Hasanağa Garden, Dokuz Eylül University, Buca Koop and Çamlıkule stations respectively. The Buca line will be integrated with the 2nd stage line running between Fahrettin Altay-Bornova at Üçyol Station and with the İZBAN line at Şirinyer Station. Train sets on this line will serve without drivers. Within the scope of the project, there will be a maintenance workshop and a warehouse building in a closed area of ​​80 square meters. Buca Metro is expected to be completed in four years.

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