İZDENİZ Reorganized Ferry Timetables

İZDENİZ Reorganized Ferry Timetables
İZDENİZ Reorganized Ferry Timetables

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality İZDENİZ General Directorate made a new arrangement in the time of departure. Expeditions at times of low passenger density were rescheduled. The new departure times will be effective from Saturday, February 5th.

İZDENİZ General Directorate, which continues public transportation services at sea, has made a voyage arrangement that will be valid during the winter period. The expedition order in the morning and evening hours was preserved. During the day and on weekends, the flights were rescheduled during the low passenger hours.

Car ferry service times were preserved during the day. The last flight time has been changed from 23.20 to 23.00. The frequency of flights, which was 20.00 minutes between 23.00:20 and 30:XNUMX, was increased to XNUMX minutes.

The new voyage schedule, which will be applicable from Saturday, February 5, and will be valid in the winter season, can be viewed at izdeniz.com.tr.

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