Number of Sea Taxi in Istanbul Becomes 25

Number of Sea Taxi in Istanbul Becomes 25

Number of Sea Taxi in Istanbul Becomes 25

New vehicles joined the Sea Taxis, the new generation and environmentally friendly transportation vehicle of Istanbul residents. Another 15 vehicles, the construction of which was completed at the Golden Horn Shipyard, landed in the sea. Total Number of Sea Taxi was 25.

All of them were produced with domestic and national resources and on September 24, 2021, the President of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM). Ekrem ─░mamo─člu Deniz Taksi, introduced by Deniz Taksi, added new vehicles to its fleet. The new transportation vehicle of the city, which started to transport its first passengers with 10 vehicles, started to serve with a total of 15 vehicles, with 25 more landing in the sea.

Specially designed to be easily used by the disabled, families with baby carriages and cyclists, Sea Taxis provides service at 50 points and piers. In addition to the 46 piers of the City Lines, Galataport Istanbul, Hali├ž Congress Center, ─░stinye Boat Park and Tarabya Boat Park berthing points can receive passengers.


Sea Taxis with a capacity of 7 passengers, which can be used 24/10 at any time of the day, can be called with the application. IMM DEN─░Z TAKS─░ application can be accessed from the Apple Store for IOS operating systems and from the Play Store for Android operating systems. Passengers can make reservations by choosing the piers, date and time they want to travel to.


The names of the Sea Taxis, all of which are composed of bird species living in Istanbul, are as follows:

ÔÇťShearwater, Swallow, Seagull, Goldfinch, Stork, Pigeon, Crow, Nightingale, Cuckoo, Sparrow, Wren, Tern, Woodcock, Quail, Dove, Crane, Swan, Suna, Florya, Kingfisher, Woodpecker, Magpie, Tit, Bittern, Finch ÔÇŁ

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