Climate Council Started in Konya

Climate Council Started in Konya

Climate Council Started in Konya

The Climate Council held in Konya by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change has started. Youth Session was held before the opening program of the Climate Council at the Selçuklu Congress Center. Environment, Urban Planning and Climate Change Minister Murat Kurum, Konya Governor Vahdettin Özkan, Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay talked about climate change with the youth they met. sohbet While the Minister Institution and President Altay answered the questions of the youth about climate change.


At the inauguration of the Climate Council, the General Assembly of the Climate Council, the Council Board and the Executive Board were formed first. Then, the Youth Declaration was shared by four young university students representing 209 Climate Ambassadors from 209 universities participating in the Climate Council.

Climate Change President Orhan Solak, in his speech at the opening, said, “As a result of our country's will to become a party to the Paris Climate Agreement, we started the green process for our country as 'A Revolution, a Milestone' with the succinct expressions of our President. The Green Development Revolution points to a comprehensive change and transformation that can affect both all sectors and all areas of our lives.” said.


Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Uğur İbrahim Altay started his speech by thanking the Minister Institution for the fact that the Climate Council was held in Konya, the city most affected by climate change.

Pointing out that global climate change has disrupted the balance of nature, threatened the lives of many living species and made the world less and less livable, Mayor Altay gave examples of the work they have done on this subject as Konya Metropolitan Municipality.

Noting that in Konya, the granary of Turkey, the water in the lakes decreased and groundwater was withdrawn due to drought, Mayor Altay said, “Therefore, there was a great decrease in crop yields. Thanks be to Allah; During the winter months, we had the heaviest snowfall of the last 20-30 years in our city. This; It not only gave hope to our dams and lakes, but also contributed greatly to the feeding of groundwater in the plain. With the rains, our farmers and we laughed. Because we know that the trouble in Konya, which is the center of our country's food security, affects the whole of Turkey. Therefore, it is of great importance to organize this council in Konya, which is the city most affected by climate change. Here; More than 650 scientists, institutions and organizations, who are experts in their fields, will discuss what not only Konya, but also the whole of Turkey, should do about climate change.” he said.

Stating that they will follow the work to be done on this issue globally during the Presidency of the World Union of Municipalities, which they will take over in June, and which has 240 thousand members worldwide, President Altay said at the end of his words that President Recep He thanked Tayyip Erdoğan and the Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Murat Kurum.


AK Party Deputy Chairman and Konya Deputy Leyla Şahin Usta said, “Of course, the results of this council will be very valuable and important. We know that important results and solution proposals will emerge with the climate change that we have been affected recently, both for our country and for the countries in our region. We, who are obliged to make the legislation to represent the parliament, will fully embrace our duties and responsibilities with the results of this council, and we will do our best to make the necessary arrangements for their implementation.” she said.

Konya Governor Vahdettin Özkan said, “An understanding that focuses on people always prioritizes the safety of people, the safety of future generations and their living in a healthy environment. In this respect, it is of great value that both our institutions and all individuals are in this tendency. Under the leadership of our President, the ideal of leaving the air, water and soil, which is especially humanitarian, needed for our youth of tomorrow, within the framework of the perspective of the public, imposes a duty on each of us.” used the expressions.


Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Minister Murat Kurum also pointed out that Konya is a city that is deeply affected by climate change. Stating that Konya has faced drought, thirst, giant sinkholes and is at risk of losing its lakes, Minister Kurum said, "We believe that this city, which has seen many difficulties throughout history but has resisted, will also be successful and a pioneer in the fight against climate change." said.


Emphasizing that Turkey has been one of the rare countries that has managed to become the center of change and transformation in every field from education to health, from culture to transportation, from foreign policy to environment and urbanism, Minister Kurum said: and carried out a very important process by signing exemplary successes in this sense for all humanity. Finally, with the speech of our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, at the United Nations General Assembly, Turkey has actually determined its new horizon and embarked on a new path. This is the 20 net zero emissions and green development revolution. I would like to express my endless gratitude to our President, who opened the doors to the goal of Turkey, the leading country of green development.” he said.


Minister Kurum said, "Who will stop the destruction of our trees, seas and streams? What new disasters will this great crisis bring? Who will save the future of the world? In fact, the answer to these questions is obvious. Whoever has polluted will save. So all of us, that is, all humanity will save. Hopefully, we will add new dimensions to our struggle that we have been continuing for years with all our guests in this hall. By finding innovative solutions, we will protect the trust together shoulder to shoulder. Be assured that every suggestion you make will make great contributions to a cleaner world and a cleaner Turkey. I believe that these works will be a reference for the whole world. Again, I believe that the higher Turkey's word, the more its impact will be felt at the global level, and it will accelerate Turkey's leadership in the path of green development. Young people will be at the forefront of this issue. Young people will be the biggest stakeholder in our fight against climate change. Because the young people to whom we will entrust our future are aware of everything. Thank you to all our youth.” made the statement.


Stating that President Erdoğan revealed a new process for Turkey in his historic speech at the United Nations, Minister Kurum said, “They announced our 2053 carbon neutral target and the Green Development Revolution to the whole world. Now is the time to define our roadmap and priority policy. According to the common opinion formed here, there will be a meeting where we will jointly prepare our country's national contribution statement and a long-term strategy and action plan in 2022. I hope we will make decisions that will mark the next 100 years of our country, together with the decisions to be taken in the next period, with the support of our legislature together with the law and the practices we will do. We will fight this fight with our 84 million brothers and we will do our best to show the whole world our power to fight against climate change. It is imperative that we put forward a total mobilization at the country level in this struggle.” he said.

To the Climate Council where Turkey's fight against climate change will be discussed with the participation of more than 650 scientists; representatives of public institutions, local administrations, universities, business world, international organizations, private sector and NGOs also attend.

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