France Will Welcome the 2023 Spring-Summer Season with Turkish Clothing

France Will Welcome the 2023 Spring-Summer Season with Turkish Clothing
France Will Welcome the 2023 Spring-Summer Season with Turkish Clothing

Turkey's ready-to-wear and apparel exports to France reached 1 billion dollars. Aegean Ready-to-Wear and Apparel Exporters' Association will organize the 8th annual participation in the Premiere Vision Manufacturing Paris Fair, one of the world's leading and most prestigious fairs in the fashion industry, on February 10-2022, 12.

Burak Sertbaş, President of the Aegean Ready-to-Wear and Apparel Exporters' Association, informed that the PV Fair brings together the yarn, fabric, leather, ready-to-wear, accessories and design sectors, and that it is organized twice a year, and that the highest international participation in the last fair was from Turkey. “After the break from physical activities due to the pandemic, the PV Paris September 2021 fair was the first physical international fair that we, as EHKİB, participated in. While a total of 120 Turkish companies, including the companies participating with the EHKİB national participation organization, took part in the fair, 7 manufacturers from Turkey participated in the "ready-to-wear" section of the fair due to the uncertain environment created by the pandemic. Normally, 30 companies participated in the PV Manufacturing fair in EHKİB national participation organizations. 12 ready-to-wear manufacturers from Izmir and Istanbul are participating in the February fair, where we will organize the national participation organization for the 17th time. With the return of life to normal, the number of participating companies will catch up with its previous course. Our companies will present their 2023 Spring-Summer season collections to importers from all over the world.”

Turkey's exports to France increased by 28 percent, while Aegean exports increased by 46 percent.

Turkey's; Emphasizing that after China, Bangladesh and Italy, France is the country that imports the most apparel, Sertbaş said, “France imported a total of 2021 billion dollars of ready-to-wear products in the 11-month period of 25,2, while our country has a 6,5 percent share of the French apparel market. taking. In apparel exports, France is our 5th largest market. We achieved our goal of exporting 1 billion dollars to France with our successful foreign market strategies. Turkey's ready-to-wear exports to France increased by 2021 percent in 28, reaching the level of 1 billion dollars. At the same time, France is the country where we increase our exports the most, after Israel and Spain, among our top 10 markets. Our ready-to-wear exports from the Aegean to France reached 2021 million dollars in 46 with an increase of 50% compared to the previous year.” said.

EIB 15th Fashion Design Competition finalists in Paris

Announcing that PV Manufacturing Paris Fair will be visited by EIB 15th Fashion Design Competition finalists Zülal Açar, Selen Tavtın, Ayşe Kaya, Manolya Yalçınkaya and Fadime Yıldırım, Sertbaş said that the designers who made it to the finals and won the competition will receive cash awards, the world's leading fashion designers. He added that he had the chance to visit international ready-made clothing fairs organized by EHKİB, and international education scholarships at his schools.

Close procurement highlights Turkey

Seray Seyfeli, Vice President of EHKİB and Chairman of the Foreign Market Strategies Development Committee, explained that the uncertainty created by the pandemic and health concerns caused Europe's leading fairs to be cancelled. “Among these fairs, there is also the Munich Fabric Start Sourcing fair, which we plan to participate in by our Association nationally in January. Turkey is the country that participates in the PV Manufacturing division with the largest number of companies. This situation shows the power and potential of the Turkish apparel industry in the face of risks in the global supply chain, where uncertainties and costs increase. During the pandemic period, Turkey's importance increased as brands tended to supply from nearby geographies due to existing risks. We have been receiving requests for cooperation in the near future.”

Turkish fashion industry tightens its steps with Denmark, England, France

Seyfeli said, “As a result of the request for a bilateral meeting from the Danish Consulate General in Istanbul, we held bilateral business meetings in Izmir in November 2021 with the participation of our Association member companies and a group of Danish buyers. The second procurement committee is planned in March 2022. A meeting was held between the British online retail giant Boohoo Group and our manufacturing companies. Our association continues its contacts with the French Knitting Federation and the French retail chain Monoprix for future collaborations. Last year, we started our project called AHA (AegeanHasApparel) to promote the ready-made clothing industry of the Aegean Region on an international scale. We want to increase the international awareness of the brand by promoting the AHA (AegeanHasApparel) project, which is among the priorities of EHKİB in 2022, in international events to be held by our Association, especially the PV fair.” said.

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