Bursa City Hospital Metro Construction Continues, Legal Process Ends

Bursa City Hospital Metro Construction Continues, Legal Process Ends
Bursa City Hospital Metro Construction Continues, Legal Process Ends

We also remember… In the evening of October 1, 2021, Bursaray 'ı Labor'th City Hospital 'what will extend the metro line, so City Hospital Metro Everything was ready when the news came that his tender was cancelled.


Council of state'The preparations that started with the second tender after the cancellation decision of Mudanya Road 'the day of digging Administrative Court It was a surprise that he stopped.


the contractor firm, AK Party Provincial Chairman Davut Gürkan 'of “1 month legal period for completion of essential works” said work at slow pace continued.

In this process…

Ulaştırma Bakanlığı also local Administrative Court the decision Council of state'The companies that caused the cancellation of the second tender Council of state'da withdraw their complaints. On 28 December, we announced from these columns.

we talked Ankara'friends in legal obstacle is not left, resumption of work They said that the letter will be sent very soon, so we conveyed it.

Yesterday morning…

Start 'at the back of in the open field We changed our way to see the work being done.

We saw that…

Work continues at an ever-increasing pace at the back of the construction site established by the contractor company.


Start 'the way from Almond'the material moisture meter shows you the  Hasköy'until the point where it intersects with the road leading to land reclamation work made.

From there Or

City Hospital 'towards the hill where opening up the land It's like a road has been created.

As for the newspaper Ankara'calling friends in The last status we asked.

They said:

“When the companies objecting to the tender withdrew their complaints, the case at the Council of State was concluded. However, since the Administrative Court made the annulment decision, the Council of State sent its decision to the local court. That process is completed today-tomorrow.”


First, when we saw that the pace of work in the open field increased; and then Ankara'listening to friends in City Hospital metro We're excited for you again.

We hope there will be no more problems.

Can't there be an underground drilling tunnel like a tunnel over a road?

Start 'ta… In the area starting from the high-speed train station and up to the hill City Hospital Metro While watching his work, we thought:

In this region, road above the tunnel will be and Mudanya Road, Bademli, Gate, Balat'so City Hospital 'nor a highway will be obtained.

Like this…

Mudanya Road 'also the work in in the drilled tunnel under the road It would be better to continue. As it all starts again eligible for the first tender may become.

Source: Ahmet Emin Yılmaz / Event

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