Hello Kitty Theme Park in China to Open in 2025

Hello Kitty Theme Park in China to Open in 2025
Hello Kitty Theme Park in China to Open in 2025

The cartoon character Hello Kitty, created by the Japanese startup Sanrio in 1974, still attracts the attention of children, young people and adults. A theme park with Hello Kitty, a popular character in China, will open. The park, which will be built around the theme of Kitty, the beloved hero of this cartoon, will open its doors in 2025.

The park, which will be operated by the Keyestone Group, will be called Sanya Hello Kitty Resort and will be located in China's Haitang Bay region. The 21-hectare park will include the first Hello Kitty Hotel with 221 rooms and many villas, 3 restaurants and an amusement park. All these facilities will take place in a fantasy world decor like a cartoon.

The entertainment section will feature different carousel facilities, rugged spaces, as well as a giant purple castle, a volcano and a Hello Kitty sphinx. Therefore, it will create the feeling and impression of being in another world for both the little ones and the adults.

On the other hand, the presence of the park will bring a great dynamism to local tourism, especially after the restrictions imposed on the grounds of the epidemic are lifted. In fact, the hotel operator group will also have gained significant experience with an attraction built on a famous public figure like Kitty.

Source: China International Radio

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