Channel Istanbul Debate in IMM Assembly

Channel Istanbul Debate in IMM Assembly
Channel Istanbul Debate in IMM Assembly

The problems of Başakşehir Şahintepe Mahallesi, which was a victim in the title deed process initiated for Yenişehir, which will be established around the controversial project Kanal Istanbul, came to the agenda of the IMM Assembly. CHP Member of Parliament Hayrettin Özbakır said, “A collapse operation is being carried out on the lands of the poor in this neighborhood. The citizen wakes up in the morning and sees that his land has been moved to another district. We will never let you crash into the house and land of a poor citizen," he said.

According to the news of Özlem Güvemli from SÖZCÜ; “The fourth and last meeting of the IMM Assembly February sessions was held in Yenikapı by Dr. It was held at the Architect Kadir Topbaş Performance and Art Center under the chairmanship of Zeynel Abidin School, the 1st Deputy Chairman of the assembly. CHP Member of Parliament Hayrettin Özbakır brought the problems of Başakşehir Şahintepe Mahallesi, which is located on the route of Kanal Istanbul, to the parliamentary agenda during the title deed process initiated for the project.

Özbakır said, “In this neighborhood, poor citizens who have migrated from Anatolia live in poverty. It is a poor neighborhood where water is carried from fountains in buckets, classes are held in classes of 60-70 people, and one has to walk for hours to reach the metrobus, bus and minibus. Currently, a collapse operation is being carried out on the lands of the poor by the Başakşehir Municipality and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. When the citizen wakes up in the morning, he sees that his land in Başakşehir Şahintepe is in a neighborhood called Arnavutköy Hacımaşlı. You go to bed in the evening in Başakşehir district, you wake up in the morning in Arnavutköy district,” he said.

“If it collapses, the AK PARTY collapses”

Özbakır said, “Recruiting the lands of poor citizens over 'Lie Istanbul' for the sake of rent and collapsing on them really reminds me of the slogan of the Ak Party: 'If it does, the AK Party will do it, if it collapses, the Ak Party will collapse'. It is desired to create a population of 2 million in Yenişehir. The ministry here gives zoning according to its man. The AK Party, which knows best about staffing and tendering, continues to collect rent for its supporters by giving 3 times to some and 15 times to others in the development. Who are these lucky people who were given 15-floor zoning permits? The mother of the Emir of Qatar? Or is it Berat Albayrak's land? The lucky people who were given 15-floor zoning permits need to be announced," he said.


Emphasizing that one of Turkey's biggest hits was made through Kanal Istanbul, Özbakır said, “The Jordanian real estate agent described the opening of agricultural lands in Istanbul for development, with shouts of joy. The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, shouting joy to the Jordanian real estate agent, causes our farmers in Büyükçekmece, Çatalca and Silivri to weep. We will never allow you to collapse into the house and land of a poor citizen. You come with a light bulb, you go with electricity,” he said.

AKP Member of Parliament Hamdi Demirhan said, “Understanding Kanal Istanbul requires vision. We don't expect that from his mentality. We reject the notion of collapse. The appeal process is carried out in a transparent manner. The area around Kanal Istanbul is not an area reserved for anyone, it is an area reserved for all Istanbulites. He can come and take advantage of it," he said.


After the speeches, the parliamentary agenda was started. The fare schedule for the payments to be made to the private public buses operating under the IETT was unanimously accepted. Due to the negative effects of the pandemic and the economic crisis, the 1 billion TL domestic borrowing offer of the IMM Financial Services Department Finance Directorate to subsidize transportation was reduced to 500 million TL by the AKP-MHP group-dominated commission.

This resolution was passed unanimously. IMM Assembly CHP Group Secretary Mesut Kösedağı thanked for both decisions and said that some of the 500 million lira appropriation would be used for payments that could not be made to private public buses for a while.


During the session, there was a discussion during the voting of the implementation development plan of Çekmeköy. CHP Member of Parliament Murat Cirav reminded that the fuel station area to be built for the children's park, which was on the agenda before, was removed from this plan and the planning process was transferred to the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change.

Cirav explained that they filed a lawsuit against the plans of the ministry and that it is at the stage of expert examination, “Do not build a fuel station in the playground. I promise on my honor, then we will say 'yes' to the plan," he said. Çekmeköy Mayor Ahmet Poyraz also stated that there was no gas station in the voted plan and said, “Due to the plan made by the Ministry, this area is outside the plan. Maybe he will give 'yes' after the word of honor,” he replied.

Cirav said, “There is a game here. They took it out of the plan and took it to the ministry. Then take the others out. Will the system be like this? Not because you took it out of the plan. But is this place gone now? He demanded that they include this place in the plans as a playground. After the discussions, the report was accepted with the votes of AKP, MHP and IYI Party with the opposition of the CHP group.

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