Stadler Rail Prefers NSK's Subsidiary B&K Vibro

Stadler Rail Prefers NSK's Subsidiary B&K Vibro
Stadler Rail Prefers NSK's Subsidiary B&K Vibro

Brüel & Kjær Vibro (B&K Vibro), part of the NSK Group, has signed a long-term agreement with Stadler Rail to install the state-of-the-art VCM-3 condition monitoring system (CMS) on 606 rail cars on the Berlin subway (U-Bahn). The VCM-3 CMS will serve to optimize maintenance schedules, preserve uptime and lower operating costs.

This multi-million-euro condition monitoring project is an integral part of the recently won contract by Switzerland-based Stadler, which stipulates the delivery of up to 1.500 new rail cars for use in the Berlin underground network. The value of the framework agreement is close to 3 billion euros and is one of the largest supply contracts ever awarded in Europe.

B&K Vibro's comprehensive CMS solution includes vibration sensors and edge devices (OBD) as well as diagnostic and analysis services that continuously monitor rail carrier bearings and other rotating parts to ensure the highest reliability.

Due to the high reliability demands of the public transport industry, operators today focus heavily on reducing downtime and operating costs. Adopting a CMS solution enables the implementation of next-generation predictive maintenance strategies that not only help optimize maintenance schedules, but increase operational reliability and uptime when combined with a lean operations team.

Providing high availability of rotating machines and components with intelligent monitoring solutions, B&K Vibro has been a global pioneer in this field for decades. NSK acquired B&K Vibro in March 2021 to better meet the demands for advanced automation, smart technology and environmental measures. With this move, NSK also aims to accelerate the company's development in the field of CMS on a global basis.

B&K Vibro's wide range of products and services includes vibration sensors (acceleration, velocity, displacement), vibration monitors, software and online integrated solutions that provide plant-wide monitoring. These technologies enable the safe and secure operation of transportation systems, factories, petrochemical plants, power plants and wind farms worldwide and form part of innovative maintenance and production strategies.

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