Beijing Winter Olympics Wins World Praise

Beijing Winter Olympics Wins World Praise

Beijing Winter Olympics Wins World Praise

In July 2015, Beijing won the right to host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. On February 18, 2022, International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach noted that the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games were extremely successful. Pointing out that the athletes were very happy, Bach said that they were always satisfied with the competition areas, the Olympic village and the services. Bach also appreciated the anti-epidemic measures of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

From the application to the preparation process of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, China has delivered a magnificent and extraordinary winter Olympics, fulfilling the commitments it has made to the world through its own efforts.

Let's take a look at the feedback from foreign participants to the Winter Olympics, together with President Xi Jinping.

On February 4, at 21:51, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced the official opening of the 24th Winter Olympic Games. China offered the world a green, romantic and perfect opening.

The opening made a deep impression on Thailand's Minister of Tourism and Sports, Pipat Ratchakitprakan. Ratchakitprakan mentioned that the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics was very successful and stated that many advanced technology and environmental protection concepts were used.

Argentine athlete Franco Dal Farra said, “I was proud to be able to receive the flag of the Argentine delegation at the opening. The opening was perfect, I liked it a lot.” said.

Success under Xi's leadership

Xi Jinping has previously stressed that the design, planning and construction of the stadiums of the Winter Olympics should draw on global advanced experience. Xi stated that China's technological innovations will be added and some stadiums will continue to be in service in the coming period.

The competition zones of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Olympic Village were appreciated by the IOC and the athletes.

Mihai Covaliu, President of the Romanian Olympic Games, said: “All the facilities here are beautiful. Many athletes and officials stated that this place has the best competition grounds they have ever seen.” used the phrases.

Kazakh athlete Abzal Azhgaliyev said, “The ice of the Speed ​​Skating Stadium is very nice, we can skate quickly, it is very well protected.” he said.

Mexican figure skating athlete Donovan Carrillo said, “Whether it's the facilities or the organization of competitions; Everything here is at the most advanced level in the world. I would like to say that; China is a truly wonderful country.” commented.

President Xi stated that all foreign athletes coming to China should experience the hospitality and manners of the Chinese. During the 2022 Winter Olympics, the hospitable Chinese welcomed their esteemed guests from all over the world.

Maltese athlete Jenise Spiteri stated that besides the delicious Chinese food, she was impressed by the kind-hearted and helpful Chinese people.

Brazilian athlete Jaqueline Mourao said: “All the staff working here are very helpful, they do their best to help. I am very happy to have completed my double Olympic dream with Beijing.” she said.

Safely hosting the Winter Olympics is critical during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic spreading around the world. President Xi announced that the most serious epidemic prevention measures will be taken at the Beijing Winter Olympics. Regarding the administration of the Olympic village, Xi said that in addition to improving business plans and services, the contingency plan should also be drawn up.

Closed loop system made winter olympics safe

Thomas Bach evaluated the anti-epidemic measures of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games as follows: “I am extremely satisfied. The closed loop system has been implemented with great success. The COVID-19 positive rate was limited to around 0,01 percent. I can say that the Beijing Winter Olympics is the safest place on earth.”

Australian athlete Taylah Oneil stated that the closed loop system is very effective. Underlining that they can easily reach the stadiums, Oneil said, "Everyone is very friendly, everything is perfect."

Russian journalist Evgenia Medvedeva said that the Beijing Winter Olympic Games were successfully held thanks to effective epidemic prevention measures.

Colombian athlete Carlos Andres Quintana said: “The facilities in the Olympic village are very good. Friends who participated in other Olympic games say this is the best Olympic village they've been to.” he said.

Argentine athlete Franco Dal Farra stated that the Beijing Winter Olympics facilities are very modern. “Everything is going well, I hope I can come to China once again,” Farra said. used the phrases.

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