Unusual Concert Series 'Under the Ground' Begins

Unusual Concert Series 'Under the Ground' Begins

Unusual Concert Series 'Under the Ground' Begins

'Under the Ground', the new and extraordinary stage of Museum Gazhane, the art and living space of the city, gave Istanbulites an unforgettable experience. Lalalar took the stage in the first concert of the series held in the parking lot that has turned into a cultural venue. Turning into an alternative stage of the city with its impressive atmosphere, 'Under the Ground' brought a brand new breath to concert habits.

The extraordinary performance venue 'Under the Ground' series started with the 'Lalas' concert. The concert held in the car park area, which has turned into a cultural scene in the Museum Gazhane; with its sound, light and visual feast, the audience enjoyed moments of pleasure.


"Lalalar", consisting of Ali Güçlü Şimşek, Barlas Tan Özemek and Kaan Düzarat, who took the stage in the concert held in a unique atmosphere, brought the nostalgic texture of Anatolian melodies together with futuristic elements, cinematic bass notes and dirty electro beats.

'Lalalar' also played the works of their new album they are working on for the first time for the listeners of 'Yerin Altında'. About 600 people, listening to the rhythm of the music, accompanied the songs in unison. Music lovers shared this different experience on the minus second (-2nd) floor.


Under the Ground concerts will continue to bring together unique artists with Istanbulites every Thursday throughout February. The performers will be announced on the social media accounts of KÜLTÜR AŞ and Müze Gazhane, and on the websites kultur.istanbul and muzegazhane.istanbul.

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