Air Conditioning Giant Systemair Acquires Italian Company Tecnair

Air Conditioning Giant Systemair Acquires Italian Company Tecnair
Air Conditioning Giant Systemair Acquires Italian Company Tecnair

Technology pioneer of the air conditioning industry, Systemair aims to become even stronger in data center applications with the company Tecnair LV SpA, which it has acquired.

Systemair, one of the world's leading manufacturers of the air-conditioning industry, acquired the Italian company Tecnair LV SpA, the international supplier of precision-controlled air-conditioning units for hospitals and data centers. Systemair, which carries out the worldwide production of fans, air distribution equipment, air curtains and cooling products, especially air handling units, aims to achieve a more qualified position in the European market in the field of air conditioning products and strengthen its strategic role in the data center cooling systems lane. Systemair Turkey General Manager Ayça Eroğlu emphasized that they will continue their investments in data center cooling systems without slowing down, including their new investment in their Dilovası factory, in addition to this acquisition.

Systemair, which brings the pioneering technologies to life by integrating the production approach of the future into today's air conditioning industry, has made another investment that will add strength to its power and potential. Having acquired the Italian manufacturing giant Tecnair LV SpA, which specializes in the production of precision cooling devices for critical areas such as intensive care units, operating rooms, laboratories and data center applications, Systemair is preparing to open the doors of a new era. With this partnership, Systemair plans to further increase its strategic importance in data centers, one of its 2022 target areas.

It will strengthen its presence in the European market

Roland Kasper, CEO of Systemair AB, said about the acquisition of Tecnair LV SpA: “We can see that Tecnair has completed Systemair in many areas. Also, Tecnair's product range and position in the market match very well with Systemair's solutions. In addition, we signed a long-term supply agreement with LU-VE for battery supply. We have also found a good synergy between our factories in Barlassina and Tecnair's production, product development and sales. We believe we will achieve a stronger market position and good synergies in Europe thanks to this acquisition.”

The Italian giant is now under the umbrella of Systemair

Saying that the acquisition will bring a new breath to the sector, Systemair Turkey General Manager Ayça Eroğlu; “As Systemair, we operate in 50 countries, located in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Asia and South Africa, and we are in a leading position in the HVAC industry in many countries. With our goal of continuous development and progress, we aim to make our success sustainable by realizing innovative projects and large investments. Our company has achieved an important success by acquiring the Italian Tecnair company. We believe that Tecnair, which has made a name for itself as an international supplier of precision-controlled air conditioning units for hospitals and data centers, will be a brand new milestone for our global company.”

Accelerate data center cooling systems investment kazanwill bark

Evaluating the news of the acquisition, Systemair Turkey Turkey General Manager Ayça Eroğlu said; He continued his words by saying that they aim to increase their solutions and R&D studies to the next level by transforming their knowledge in the field of data center cooling systems into a global investment this year; “With our test laboratory investment, which we are preparing to implement in 2022, we will provide complete products and services to our business partners by performing factory acceptance tests, which are indispensable for data center cooling systems, within our own organization. With the purchase made by our company, we will have completed our data center solutions with Tecnair precision control air conditioners as well as the Geniox Tera indirect free cooling units that we manufacture in Turkey. We think this investment is a big step forward for data center applications, which is our target area in 2022.”

It will change its strategic role in data center solutions

Stating that the growth in the number of users connected to the Internet and the increase in data caused an increase in the number and volume of data centers in parallel, Eroğlu said, “Cooling solutions in data centers will determine the companies that will want to stand out in the HVAC sector of the future. Sensitive cooling systems are required to ensure the security of hardware in data centers, where large amounts of data are archived and processed and have become the vital organs of companies. Data centers, a specially air-conditioned space where temperature and humidity are controlled, electricity supply is stabilized, and uninterrupted, have a high energy density per square metre. Having an energy efficient cooling system is critical, as savings in energy costs can greatly contribute to a data center's profitability. As Systemair, we have been partnering with companies for many years to design a data center with a low environmental impact and a high level of energy efficiency. We aim to solve the necessity in this field in a much more effective way, both with our test laboratory, which we will implement, and with the Tecnair company we have purchased. With this cooperation, as Systemair Group and Turkey, we aim to further strengthen our presence and strategic role in this field.”

This partnership will breathe new life into the European HVAC industry

Ayça Eroğlu said that they attach great importance to the potential of Tecnair in order to improve Systemair's position in the European market; “As Systemair, we are the air handling unit market leader in Europe with our 13 air handling plant factories around the world. We are among the top 3 brands in the world in fan and air distribution equipment. Our goal is to continue our story with fellow travelers who will carry this success to even better levels. We have full confidence that we will achieve this with Tecnair, which is now under the umbrella of Systemair. The Italian market accounts for around 25 percent of Tecnair's sales, and the rest is exported mainly to Europe. This cooperation will carry our European journey, which we have been continuing for many years as a leader, much further and will make a difference especially in data center applications where competition is increasing. We believe we will be the first choice at Systemair to create and maintain comprehensive HVAC solutions and products for an adequate data center.”

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